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Books on CNC Machining

CNC Trade Secrets

By James Harvey
150 Pages, Softcover. 2014

CNC Trade Secrets is a CNC machining book from the author of the bestselling Machine Shop Trade Secrets.
This new manual does for CNC machining what the first book did for conventional machining.

With this guide to proven CNC machine shop practices, you will be producing machine parts faster, with fewer errors, and with less labor.
You will discover that you do not have to know everything there is to know to make parts on CNC machines, just as you do not have to know everything about Microsoft Word to write a letter.

Includes over 100 4-color photos throughout
Easy-to-read steps for going from print to part using CAD/CAM equipment
Useful techniques for holding and machining parts using CNC machines
Ways to unravel the mysteries of using G-code
Ways to avoid Crashing
3D CNC milling basics
What CNC machines can and cannot do
Solidworks (c) challenges to improve your modeling skills
Ideas for how engineers and designers can help machinists get the job done
A potpourri of practical and proven machining tips and tricks
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BOOK- CNC Trade Secrets

CNC Programming Handbook

By Peter Smid
Third edition, 2007, 7 X 10 illustrated hardcover
600 pages
Includes CD-ROM

Over its first two editions, this best-selling book has become the de facto standard for training and reference material at all levels of CNC programming.
Used in hundreds of educational institutions around the world as the primary text for CNC courses, and used daily by many in-field CNC programmers and machine operators, this book literally defines CNC programming.
Many of the changes in this new Third Edition are the direct result of comments and suggestions received from many CNC professionals in the field.
This CNC operations and programming guide is packed with over 1000 illustrations, tables, formulas, tips, shortcuts, and practical examples.
CNC Programming Handbook presents material on virtually all CNC programming subjects in great detail and discusses CNC milling and turning operations.
Written with the CNC programmer working in the field in mind, this guide covers just about every subject a typical programmer may encounter on a daily basis.
Besides being an invaluable in-depth reference for machinists, programmers, engineers and supervisors, CNC Programming Handbook is well suited for use as a basic text in a wide variety of CNC training programs.
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$76.50 BK-CNCPRO
BOOK- CNC Programming Handbook

Computer Numerical Control Simplified

By Steve Krar and Arthur Gill
2000, 7 X 10 illustrated hardcover
Includes CD-ROM
The authors have designed this book to take the mystery out of CNC - to put it in a logical sequence and express it in simple language that everyone can understand. This reference covers everything from programming basics to bench-top teaching machines to industrial machines to milling and turning programming to an introduction to CAD/CAM.
Fanuc compatible programming, the accepted world standard, is used in programming examples, and codes are explained as they are used.
A CAD/CAM software program, included in the book, makes it possible to design a part on the computer, generate machining codes, and simulate the tool path to check for programming errors.
An overview of Virtual Reality NC is included, so students are aware of a new technology that is revolutionizing the design and manufacture of products.
Introduction to CNC
Computers in Manufacturing
How CNC Operates
Programming Data
Simple Programming
CNC Maching Center (Mill)
CNC Turning Centers (Lathe)
CNC Manufacturing Outlook
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$58.50 BK-CNCSIM
BOOK- CNC Simplified (book with CD-ROM)

CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning

CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning
Mastering CNC Control Systems
Peter Smid
314 Pages, Hardcover, 2010

From the author of CNC Programming Handbook and CNC Programming Techniques.

CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning covers CNC control setup in practical detail.
It lives up to its subtitle, Mastering CNC Control Systems.
This unique reference from the author of the best-selling CNC Programming Handbook features nearly all of the activities a typical CNC operator performs on a daily basis.
Starting with overall descriptions and in-depth explanations of various features, it goes much further and is sure to be a valuable resource for anyone involved in CNC.

Describes working with all types of offsets for milling and turning applications, interpretation of part programs, applying trial cuts, making program changes, and much more.
Places emphasis on troubleshooting many common problems that occur in CNC operations.
Presents suggested methods of correction, along with methods of prevention.
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BOOK- CNC Control Setup

CNC Programming Techniques

CNC Programming Techniques
Peter Smid
448 pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10
Published: November, 2005

Written by the author of the bestselling CNC Programming Handbook and the recent release Fanuc CNC Custom Macros,
this practical and very useful resource covers several programming subjects, including how to program cams and tapered
end mills, that are virtually impossible to find anywhere. Other, more common, subjects, such as cutter radius offset and
thread milling are covered in great depth.

* Presents detailed part programming suggestions for a variety of machining operations.
* Includes discussions on the following major subjects: thread milling methods, knurling, programming live tools
on CNC lathes, part reversal methods, using pallet changers, applying special grooving and threading
techniques, and many more.
* Provides numerous illustrations, charts, tables, and practical examples, allowing users to fully understand all concepts.
* Many methods presented can also be adapted to programming methods using a CAM system.

* Program Development
* Calculating Contour Points
* Formulas for Contouring
* Part Reversal
* Programming Tapers
* Special Purpose G-codes
* Tool Length Offset Change
* Block Skip Applications
* Polar Coordinates
* Cutter Radius Offset in Depth
* Turning and Boring
* Four-Axis Lathe
* Techniques for Grooving
* Techniques for Threading
* Subprogram Development
* Using Tapered End Mills
* Knurling on CNC Lathes
* Programming Cams
* Pallet Changers
* Thread Milling
* Working with Planes
* Introduction to Macros
* Rigid Tapping
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$62.90 BK-CNCPT
BOOK- CNC Programming Techniques

Programming of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines, Third Edition

Programming of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines, Third Edition
Ken Evans
500 pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10
Published: April 2007


Written in simple, easy-to-understand language by skilled programmers with years of experience teaching CNC machining
to the industry and in formal education settings, Programming of Computer Numerically Controlled Machines provides full
descriptions of many operation and programming functions and illustrates their practical applications through examples. It
provides in-depth information on how to program turning and milling machines, which is applicable to almost all control
systems. It keeps all theoretical explanations to a minimum throughout so that they do not distort an understanding of the
programming. And because of the wide range of information available about the selection of tools, cutting speeds, and the
technology of machining, it is sure to benefit engineers, programmers, supervisors, and machine operators who need ready
access to information that will solve CNC operation and programming problems.


* Contains expanded sections on CAD/CAM and Conversational Programming that offer insight into the modern methods of
CNC programming.
* Includes a modern CNC controller representation in the Operation Section.
* Thoroughly describes mathematical formula usage necessary for creating programs manually.
* Provides practical examples and study questions throughout, allowing users to demonstrate their proficiency.
* Features improved blueprints and drawings recreated to ANSI standards in order to improve clarity.
* Offers a glossary of terminology and useful technical data and charts needed for effective programming.
* Illustrates how to create each programming example through clear step-by-step presentations.
* Covers edgeCAM CAD/CAM programming. This is used in many high schools in Computer Integrated Manufacturing courses.
Covers Mastercam X

Part 1: CNC Basics
* Part 1 Study Questions
Part 2: CNC Machine Operation/Operation Panel Descriptions
Part 3: Programming CNC Turning Centers
Part 4: Programming CNC Machining Centers
Part 5: Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAD/CAM
Part 6: Computer-Aided Manufacturing from a Solid Model
Part 7: Mazatrol Conversational Programming
Appendix. Glossary
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$24.00 BK-PCNCM
BOOK- Programming of CNC Machines, 3rd Edition

Secrets of 5-Axis Machining

Secrets of 5-Axis Machining
Karlo Apro
176 pages
Published: October, 2008

Up to now, the best way to get information on 5-axis machining has been by talking to experienced peers in the industry, in hopes that they will share what they learned. Visiting industrial tradeshows and talking to machine tool and Cad/Cam vendors is another option, only these people will all give you their point of view and will undoubtedly promote their machine or solution.

This unbiased, no-nonsense, to-the-point description of 5-axis machining presents information that was gathered during the author's 30 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry, bridging countries and continents, multiple languages - both human and G-Code. As the only machine shop book of its kind, Secrets of 5-Axis Machining will demystify the subject and bring it within the reach of anyone who is interested in using this technology to its full potential, and is not specific to one particular CAD/CAM system. It is sure to empower readers to confidently enter this field, and by doing so, become better equipped to compete in the global market.

* Features full-color illustrations through that help to explain the theories and principals.
* Includes a CD containing avi files, high quality illustrations, and sample parts.

Table of Contents:

* Introduction
* Common Misconceptions
* Know Your Machine
* Cutting Strategies
* Indexing Work
* Simultaneous Work
* Machine Simulation
* Choosing a Machine for Your Application
* Choosing a CAD/CAM System for Your Application
* Machine and CAD/CAM System Configuration
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$62.90 BK-5AXIS
BOOK- Secrets of 5-Axis Machining