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Books on Welding and Pipefitting

Welding Know-How

By Frank Marlow
Illustrated by Pamela Tallman
Soft Cover, 2012, 552 Pages.

The newest essential guide by Frank Marlow, author of Machine Shop Essentials and Machine Shop Know-How.

Welding Know-How contains years of welding knowledge all in one easy-to-understand book.
Filled with insights you will not find anywhere else, Welding Know-How contains over 600 clear and detailed line drawings, and includes chapters on the major welding processes: shielded metal arc, wire feed, and gas tungsten arc welding, along with chapters on the major cutting processes, oxyacetylene, plasma arc, water jet, SMAW cutting, air-carbon arc, oxygen lance and burning bar.
In addition, there are chapters on brazing and soldering, bending and straightening, pipe and tubing, and an extensive section on welding safety.
With this book you will finally gain control of your stick, TIG or wire feed outfit and learn how to get your buzz box to make more than just noise.
After reading Welding Know-How you will see that there are no secrets in the welding shop, just knowledge that has never been written down until now.

Welding Know-How features:

Over 600 clear and detailed line drawings
Step-by-step instructions for dozens of projects
Hundreds of solutions devised by master welders
Silver and bronze brazing techniques
Plans for jigs and fixtures so projects turn out right
Ideas to modify existing tools so they really work right
Bending & straightening methods
Techniques to use your welding equipment that you have never see before
Answers to your toughest welding questions
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BOOK- Welding Know-How

The Art of Welding

Featuring Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs
8-1/2 x 11", softbound, full color, 256 pages, 2014.
By William Galvery, featuring Ryan Friedlinghaus


Ryan Friedlinghaus, the celebrated guru of automotive customization and cable TV star of Inside West Coast Customs, adds practical knowledge to William Galvery's acclaimed welding insight and everyday tips and tricks developed over his long professional career as an educator and earlier as a hands-on welder.

The book uses an easy to understand question and answer format. Photographs have been rigorously selected and produced to impart genuine training value.
The text is set in clear, large type, and .
Graphics and illustrations have been fine-tuned for readability and content.

This unique and original book improves upon the shortcomings of competitive titles by providing complete, in-depth coverage of the equipment and techniques used in the most popular welding processes: oxyacetylene, stick welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding.
Although the bulk of the book is devoted to the more popular welding techniques, the authors also provide a chapter on soldering and brazing and another on plasma cutting.
The Art of Welding is perfect for anyone who wants to learn welding to make repairs or as part of a hobby, including experienced welders who will find a number of tips and procedures to improve their welding technique.


In-depth coverage of the equipment and techniques used in the most popular welding processes, including oxyacetylene, stick welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding.
Features the pros and cons of each process and information on equipment, setup, materials, safety in each chapter.
Provides a solid footing for the novice welder through a chapter that presents an overview of welding and another on tools and materials.
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BOOK- The Art of Welding

Welding Essentials, Questions and Answers

By William L. Galvery, Jr. and Frank B. Marlow
2001, 7 X 10 illustrated softcover
480 pages
As a concise yet thorough introduction to the topic, Welding Essentials makes welding easy for beginners and is a handy reference for professionals. Its unique, comprehensive question-and-answer format will allow readers to quickly find what they are looking for and fully understand it. Eliminating non-essential items to prevent overloading readers, Welding Essentials addresses safety hazards and required precautions in detail and provides solutions to common problems for each process. Additionally, this valuable reference carefully explains step-by-step setup and shutdown procedures, along with why equipment grounding and GFI’s are needed and how they work.
Presents all essential material for beginning welders in small, easy-to-read and understand units.
Introduces the beginning welder to weld inspection, welding symbols and qualification and certification issues.
Can be used in conjunction with welding processes and safety seminars, and as a result become a tremendous asset to companies needing to log and claim that they put printed safety materials into employees’ hands.
Discusses the difference between constant voltage and constant current power supplies and traces the development of welding power supplies from motor-generator sets to transformers to the inverters of today.
A metallurgy chapter explains how welding heat affects metals’ properties and how to minimize its negative effects and provides a clear explanation of hardening, tempering and heat-treating steel.
More than 300 illustrations clarify and detail explanations of every subject.
Includes a comprehensive glossary in English and Spanish.
Oxyacetylene Welding
Oxyfuel Cutting
Brazing and Soldering
SMAW (Stick Welding)
Wire Feed Welding- MIG and Flux Core
Non-Consumable Electrode Welding- TIG and Plasma Arc
Survey of Other Welding Processes
Welding Notation
Controlling Distortion
Welding Metallurgy
Power Supplies and Electrical Safety
Defects and InspectionFabrication and Repair Tips
Glossary (English and Spanish)
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BOOK- Welding Essentials, Q and A, 2nd Edition

Practical Welding Technology

By Rudy Mohler
1983, 6 X 9 illustrated hardcover
220 pages
Drawing from his 35 years experience as an instructor and technical writer in the field, the author provides instructors, students, and professionals with a wealth of welding technology in a readable and comprehensive welding handbook.
Describes in detail the technology and manipulative procedures for making successful welds in all welding positions, types of joints and metals.
Offers hundreds of hints on how to solve every on-the-job welding problem.
Technology of Welding Arc Behavior
Workpiece-Warping and Weld-Cracking Controls
Welding Sheet Metal
Low-Hydrogen-Electrode Characteristics and Applications
Welding Stainless Steel
Brazing and Welding Cast Iron
Welding Aluminum and Magnesium
Welding Steel Pipe (SMAW)
Welding Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubing
Welding Aluminum Pipe
Build-Up and Hard Surfacing
The Art of Arc and Flame Cutting Metal
Weld-Size Determination
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Pipe Welding Procedures

By Hoosbasar Rampaul
2003, 6 X 9 illustrated hardcover
256 pages

A standard reference for decades, this new edition of Pipe Welding Procedures continues to reinforce the welder's understanding of procedure. Drawing on his extensive practical and teaching experience in the field, the author describes in detail the manipulating procedures used to weld pipe joints. Readers will find useful information on heat input and distribution, essentials of shielded metal-arc technology, distortion, pipe welding defects, welding safety, essentials of welding metallurgy, and qualification of the welding procedure and the welder.
Essentials of Shielded Metal-Arc Welding Technology
Heat Input and Distribution
Preparation of the Pipe Joint
Uphill Welding the Root Bead on Heavy-Wall Pipe (5G Position)
Welding the Root Bead by the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process
The Intermediate and Cover Passes
Welding Thin Wall Pipe
Horizontal Pipe Welding (2G)
Welding Complicated Pipe Joints
Introduction to Welding Metallurgy
Distortion in Pipe Welding
Fitting-up Pipe
Qualification of the Welding Procedure and the Welder
General Welding Safety
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BOOK- Pipe Welding Procedures, 2nd Ed.

Welding Fabrication and Repair: Questions and Answers

By Frank Marlow
2002, 6 x 9 illustrated softcover
320 pages
Written by the coauthor of the best-selling book Welding Essentials, this practical guide provides insights, ideas, and tips for solving real-world fabrication problems. By presenting a broad range of methods from different welding specialties and a brief, clear understanding of the non-welding knowledge nearly all welders must have to advance their trade, this book can shorten the time needed to develop effective problem-solving skills. Created for welders who know the basics and now want to put their skills to better use, this book is one of only a handful of truly "must have" welding references.

Fabrication Basics
Basic Building Basics
Pipe and Tubing
Bending and Straightening
Vehicle Welding
Welding Problems, Solutions, and Practices
Strength of Materials
Tools, Materials, Supplies, and Information
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BOOK- Welding Fabrication and Repair

Welding, A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide

Welding, A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide
Robert O'Con
208 pages, Illustrated, 7 x 10
Published: July, 2000

Concise yet thorough, Welding: A Management Primer and Employee Training Guide will aid those in welding
management with supervision and control of their welding operations, while offering apprentices and industrial practitioners in-
depth instruction on the basic manipulative welding and cutting processes. Extensively illustrated, this hands-on reference is
organized in easy-to-understand user-specific sections. The first section presents managers and small shop owners with the
technical background and practical expertise needed to implement and manage their specific welding operations. In the
second section readers will find a complete curriculum for self or in-plant welder training. Easy to use, this program provides
all the information and practical training regimens for each of the processes described. Additionally, an extensive data
section containing important welding parameters for a range of applications is provided in the third section.

* Provides clear and unbiased recommendations, descriptions, and the operative aspects of several major welding
* Enhances management's ability to make informed decisions on purchasing, supervision and implementation of a
variety of manual welding processes.
* Allows trainers to systematically present welding theory and practice to the student and to customize the instruction for
any specific productive objective.
* Does not overload students with large amounts of data and theoretical material that do not directly and immediately
lead to productive work and proper job performance.

Section I Welding Management
* Welding Foundations and Industrial Applications
* Determining Process Applicability
* The Non-manipulative Processes
* Setting Up the Welding Department
* In-plant Welder Training
* Weld Testing and Welder Certification
Section II Welder Training
* Welding and General Shop Safety
* Blueprint Reading and Welding Symbol Interpretation
* Basic Shop Mathematics
* Principles of Solid State Electronics in Welding
* Welding Metallurgy
* Distortion and the Heat Effects of Welding
* Oxy-fuel Welding, Brazing, and Cutting
* Arc Welding (SMAW)
* TIG Welding (GTAW)
* MIG Welding (GMAW)
* Plasma Welding and Cutting (PAW)
Section 3
* Appendices
* Glossary
* Index
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BOOK- Welding Management Primer and Employee Traing Guide

Pipefitter's Handbook

By Forrest R. Lindsey
1967, 4 1/4 X 6 3/4 illustrated hardcover
464 pages
Compact and pocket-sized, this handy reference contains thousands of facts and figures relevant to pipefitters, steamfitters- anyone concerned with layout and installation of pipe.
Provides answers to all sorts of problems indigenous to power and industrial pipebending, and the fabrication of welding fittings in both shop and field.
Logically categorizes all material according to job description, supporting each working table with a clear example of how to use it.
Includes a special reference section that gives instant data on the 24 most useful on-the-job subjects, such as spark tests for metals, sheet metal weights, valve types, weights and measures, and many more.
Discusses all types of bends; elbows, tees, and crosses; plastic pipe; soldering and brazing; travel and run; fitting dimensions; threading pipe; relative physical properties; and more.
Power and Industrial Pipe Bending
Pipe Fabrications
Soldering and Brazing
Offset Connections
Reference Data
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Plastics and Sustainable Piping Systems

Plastics and Sustainable Piping Systems
David A. Chasis
307 Pages, Softcover
Published: May, 2014

Plastic piping is now the preferred material in countless applications -- municipal water and sewer lines,drain/waste/vent lines, and chemical waste drainage, to mention just a few.
This is because plastics are durable, easy and safe to install, environmentally sound, and cost-effective.
This compendium of over 40 articles is written by a professional involved in plastic fluid handling products for over 45 years.
Divided into three general areas, this unique resource promotes the use of plastics in general and plastic piping systems, in particular.
The articles include listings of the major advantages of plastics plus descriptions of the many varied piping products and markets served by thermoplastic piping systems.
It is certain to be an eye-opener and educational tool for the experienced and novice designing and specifying engineer, installer, end-user, code official, purchasing agent, and engineering student.

Provides access to the major reasons synthetically made organic chemicals (plastics) has had such a meteoric rise in usage since its inception in 1907.
The only book encompassing articles, in one source, featuring the history of plastics coupled with background knowledge on the design, features, growth and usage of thermoplastic piping systems.
Addresses Green Building in an article which documents 16 different plastic piping technologies discussed in detail and accompanied by an Appendix highlighting the features and benefits of various plastic piping materials.
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BOOK- Plastics and Sustainable Piping Systems

The Art of Sculpture Welding

The Art of Sculpture Welding - From Concept to Creation

Kristi Richardson, McCoy
336 Pages, Softcover
Published: March, 2015

This extraordinary seven-part book covers the processes of creating 13 projects -- from pencils to vases to bicycles -- for all personalities, skill levels and interests.
It is specifically designed for students, beginning welders, hobbyists, and do-it-yourselfers.
Many of the plans have been built multiple times by students and others.
The plans are easy to read and the projects are meant to motivate the reader to want to learn the welding and fabrication processes.
All plans include a list of materials, dimensions, special notes as needed, plus any commentaries about special equipment that might be necessary to complete the project.

Includes designed plans instructors can use to teach students all facets of the welding environment in a fun and challenging way.
All 14 projects were developed because students wanted to build them. A parts list included with each project allows students and instructors to easily complete a cost estimate.
The book starts with projects on beginning fabrication, teaching students how to measure, identify types of steel, use a scribe, a square, plasma and cutting torches.
During the welding process students experience real-life situations where they must tack up a project, check for square, and ensure part size is exact so that joints are not too wide to weld.
Some projects are designed for specific welding applications but can be easily changed to fit all the welding processes including MIG, TIG, AC/DC, and Oxy/Acetylene welding. Kristi Richardson McCoy is a self-taught welding instructor, with over 16 years of teaching and studying the welding process.
Each year she has striven to learn something new about the field, whether it is the certification process, finishes and paints, or trying something new like underwater welding.
She earned certifications in SMAW and GMAW.
Having an art background has helped her develop a creative teaching style that holds the interests of students who might otherwise be intimidated by the welding environment.
McCoy teaches Computer-Aided Drafting, Electronics, Woodworking, Basic Welding, Advanced Welding, and Welding Sculpture at Spearfish High School in South Dakota.
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BOOK- The Art of Sculpture Welding