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Classic Machining Books

Machine Shop Training Course

Machine Shop Training Course, Fifth Edition
Franklin D Jones
Published January, 1964
Softound ( While supplies last, volume 1 may be hardbound)

Packed with facts and rules that students can put to use in the shop and toolroom. Together, these books provide an outstanding treatise on machine shop practice. No classroom or workshop where apprentices are being trained can afford to be without these valuable combination text and reference guides.

Covers fundamental principles; methods of adjusting and using different types of machine tools - with typical examples of:
* work-measuring instruments and gauges
* cutting screw threads by different processes
* thread grinding
* gear cutting
* precision toolmaking methods
* typical shop problems with solutions
* miscellaneous facts relating to the art of machine construction and much, much more

There are two volumes in the series, available for purchase seperately or as a two-volume set:

Volume I, 570 pages
Table of Contents:
* Principles of Metal Cutting
* Lathe Operations: turning; turning cylindrical parts; taper turning; chucks and faceplates; drilling and boring
* Single Point Form Tools and Tool Grinding
* Speeds and Feeds Principles
* Cooling and Lubrication
* Screw Threads: cutting screw threads; measuring pitch diameters
* Turret Lathes
* Vertical Boring and Turning Machines
* Drilling and Reaming Holes
* Spacing and Locating Holes
* Cylinder Boring
* Jig Boring
* Measuring Instruments
* Gage Blocks
* Generating Surfaces and Angles
* Blueprint Reading
* Shop Safety

Volume II, 566 pages
Table of Contents:
* Tapping
* Dies
* Milling and Grinding Screw Threads
* Rolling Processes
* Planing Processes
* Milling Flat, Curved and Irregular Surfaces
* Indexing
* Cutting Spur and Bevel Gears
* Grinding Cylindrical and Tapered Parts
* Grinding Milling Cutters and Reamers
* Lapping
* Broaching Internal and External Surfaces
* Chipping, Filing and Scraping
* Tool Steels for Metal Cutting
* Heat Treatment of Steels
* Numerical Controls
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BOOK- Machine Shop Training Course, Volume 1 (OUT OF PRINT)
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BOOK- Machine Shop Training Course, Volume 2

Machine Shop Practice

Machine Shop Practice, Second Edition
Karl H Moltrecht
Published January, 1981

Everything the apprentice or on-the-job professional needs to know about the intelligent and efficient operation of machine tools is here.
* Includes over 760 illustrations and 70 tables in two volumes.
* Offers sections on numerical control; grinding wheels; single point cutting tools and tool wear; basic drilling machine setups; and formulas for estimating the power required for planing.
* Provides detailed discussions on methods of setting up the workpiece on milling machines, horizontal boring machines, planers and shapers.

Volume I, 496 pages
Table of Contents:
* Basic Metal Cutting Operations
* Basic Measuring Instruments
* Layout Work
* Drilling Machines, Twist Drills and Auxillary Tooling
* Drilling Machine Operations
* Engine Lathe Construction
* Single Point Cutting Tools and Their Performance
* Cylindrical Turning
* Chucking Work
* Taper and Angle Turning
* Faceplate Work
* Screw Threads and Screw Thread Measurements
* Cutting Screws on a Lathe
* Turret Lathes, Production Lathes and Vertical Lathes
* Precision Hole Location - the Jig Borer
* Metal Cutting Saws

Volume II, 517 pages
Table of Contents:
* Shaper Construction.
* Shaper Work.
* Planers and Planer Work.
* Milling Machine Construction.
* Milling Cutters.
* Milling Machine Operations.
* Indexing.
* Dividing Head Work.
* Helical and Cam Milling.
* The Horizontal Boring Machine.
* Grinding Wheels.
* Cylindrical Grinding.
* Surface Grinding.
* Cutter and Tool Grinding.
* Numerical Controlled Machine Tools.
* Surface Plate Work.

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BOOK- Machine Shop Practice (2nd Ed) Volume 1
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BOOK- Machine Shop Practice (2nd Ed) Volume 2

Machine Tool Technology Basics

By Steve Krar, Arthur Gill, Peter Smid, and Paul Wanner
2003, illustrated.
416 pages. Softcover.
includes a link to a free CAD/CAM program.

Written by three experienced educators and practitioners, this book is sure to be a useful tool for anyone needing to learn about today's machine tool trade.
Organized in three sections, it begins with basic metal-removal operations of conventional machines, progresses to CNC machines, and finishes with CAD/CAM.
Comes with a CAD/CAM software program for download, making it possible to design a part on a computer, generate machining codes (G&M), and simulate the tool path to check for programming errors.
Begins each section with a Section Opener collage and includes an introduction, learning objectives, key terms summary, and knowledge review questions.
Highlights safety precautions throughout the text.
Includes the latest direct ironmaking and direct steelmaking processes and minimills.
Introduces conventional/programmable lathes, vertical mills, and surface grinders, demonstrating the steps from conventional to CNC machines.
Provides CAD/CAM examples for the lathe and mill.
Contains a comprehensive machine tool glossary.
Offers an overview of Virtual Reality NC.
Contains a careers section that highlights opportunities in metalworking and manufacturing.

The Evolution of Machine Tools
Careers in Machining/Manufacturing
Measuring System and Tools
Workplace Communications
Layout Tools and Procedures
Hand Tools
Power Saws
Drill Presses
The Engine Lathe
Milling Machines
Computer Age Machining
Introduction to CAD/CAM
Heat Treating
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BOOK- Machine Tool Technology Basics (limited quantity)

Glossary of Metalworking Terms

By Richard P. Pohanish
2005, 5 1/2 X 7 1/4 softcover
436 pages
The only modern glossary of metalworking terms. Heavily cross-referenced, with additional contact information for professional organizations and manufacturers.
Key to Abreviations
Miscellaneous Equivalents
Metal Terms A to Z
Appendix- Manufacturer's Directory
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$26.90 BK-GMT
BOOK- Glossary of Metalworking Terms

Bondhus Stubby Double Ball L-Wrench Sets

Exclusive MaxTorque ball end on short arm allows access to screw heads located in tight spaces straight-in or at an angle.

Wrench delivers 50% more torque than conventional ball ends
Tool inserts into screw and works at a 15 degree angle

Standard Bondhus ball end on long arm inserts into screw and works at a 25 degree angle.

Extra long length provides for greater torque.
Made in USA.
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$28.25 BON-67037
Bondhus Stubby Double Ball Hex Key Set, .050"- 3/8" (SDBLX13XL)

$22.75 BON-67099
Bondhus Stubby Double Ball Hex Key Set, 1.5mm- 10mm (SDBLX9MXL)

Basic Machining Reference Handbook

By Arthur R. Meyers and Thomas Slattery
2001, 6 X 9", illustrated
299 pages

This reference is intended to serve as a memory jog for experienced machinists, as well as a reference for those involved in process engineering.
It presents the steps used to start a machine process and continues through the basic operations.
Includes expanded chapters on numerical control and computerized operations, with more speed and feed tables and review of relevant terms and applications.
Ephasizes the hands-on concept of developing and refining skills, along with knowledge of metals and maching processes.
Presents checklists and considerations, required steps and functions, and the most appropriate sequences.
Measurement Standards
Turning and the Lathe: Definition and History
The Milling Machine
Sensitive, Gear-Head, and Radial Drill Presses
Steels, Alloys, and other Materials
Numerical Control and CNC
Cost per Cut in the Computer Age
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$39.00 BK-BMRH
BOOK- Basic Machining Reference Handbook, 2nd Ed. - Limited Quantity

Shop Reference for Students and Apprentices

By Edward G. Hoffman and Christopher J. McCauley
2000, 4 1/2 X 6 3/4 illustrated softcover
514 pages
The most authoritative reference available, this book has been specifically compiled for students in vocational schools, technical institutes, and apprenticeship courses.
The contents are drawn primarily from Machinery's Handbook.
Each of its sections (mathematics, inspection, screw thread systems, gears and gearing, speeds and feeds, etc.) covers areas of prime interest to draftsmen, machinists, toolmakers, diemakers, and other shop personnel.
Conversion Factors
Engineering Drawings
Allowances and Tolerances for Fits
Standard Tapers
Keys and Keyseats
Screw Thread Systems
Common Hardware
Gears and Gearing
Cutting Speeds and Feeds
Cutting Tools
Tool Wear
Cutting Fluids for Machinery
Machining Nonferrous Metals
Hardness Testing
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$30.90 BK-SRS
BOOK- Shop Reference For Students 2nd Edition