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Cutting Tool Sets

Carbide Tipped Boring Bar Sets

These carbide tipped boring bars have alloy steel shanks. Grade C6 for steel and steel alloys.
All shanks ground to +.0"-.0010".
Designed so that the same bar can bore flat bottomed holes or face.
By special grinding of cutting edge you can thread, groove or use the bar for automatic operations.
These bars are made of extra heavy construction insuring that more steel is behind the cutting face for chatter-free and heavier cuts.
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$21.85 BBCA-3/8-S
3/8" Shank 9 Pc Carbide Tip Boring Bar Set, 1095-9901
Out of stock
$32.30 BBCA-1/2-S
1/2" Shank 9 Pc Carb Tip Boring Bar Set, 1095-9921

$48.50 BBCA-5/8-S
5/8" Shank 12 Pc Carbide Tip Boring Bar Set, 1095-9941

$57.90 BBCA-3/4-S
3/4" Shank 12Pc Carbide Tip Boring Bar Set, 1095-9961

$89.00 BBCA-1-S
1" Shank 7 Pc Carb Tip Boring Bar Set, 1095-9980

Countersink Sets

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.

Single-Flute, 3-Flute, or 6-Flute 82° Countersink Sets.
Sets include 6 sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1"
82° cutters are for countersinking Imperial (inch-sized) flat-head screws.
High Speed Steel.
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S and D Drill Sets

S and D Drill Sets.
High Speed Steel Drills with 1/2" shanks.
Drills are 6" overall length, 3" flute length.
Lets you drill large holes with a common 1/2" drill chuck.
Please note that these drill sets do NOT include a case.
Quantity Price Model Description Pieces Sizes

$66.90 SD-08
8 Piece HS S&D Drill Set, 9/16" to 1" by 16ths, NO CASE INCLUDED, 0114-9925 8 9/16" to 1" by 16ths.
Out of stock
$130.00 SD-16
16 Piece S&D Drill Set, 17/32" to 1" by 32nds 16 17/32" to 1" by 32nds
Out of stock
$199.50 SD-88
8 Piece S&D Drill Set, 1-1/16" to 1-1/2" by 16ths, 0114-9941 8 1-1/16" to 1-1/2" by 16ths