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Mini Lathe Quick Change Tool Post Set

Quick Change Tool Post Set for Mini Lathes up to 8" swing.
Wedge locking system.
All working parts hardened and ground.
Approximately 60% of the size of AXA / 100 Series tool post sets.
For center heights of 5/8" to 1"
Machineable bottom holding plate allows mating to variable compound slots.

Change tools in seconds.
Place the toolholder on the toolpost's dovetail, adjust the tool's height with the knurled wheel, lock the nut, and lock the wedge.
No shims necessary.

These sets include the tool post and five tool holders: one each of holder style #1, #2, #4, #7, and #10.

To order the correct tool post for your machine, measure the CENTER HEIGHT of your lathe: this is the distance from the height of the top of the lathe's compound rest to the height of the spindle/chuck centerline.
Match your lathe's center height to a toolpost with a compatible center height range.

In situations where your lathe will accommodate more than one size tool post, secondary variables (such as swing, tool size capacity, rigidity, etc.) should then be considered to select the post that you want for your machine.
Check the individual listings of the different style toolholders below to see the capacities of each series.
Quantity Price Model Description

$174.90 QC-060-ST
060 Quick Change Tool Post Set (0XA)

TMX Precision Keyless Chucks

Precision Ball Bearing Keyless Chucks.
Made in Poland by TMX.
NC Quality - .0015" T.I.R.
Quantity Price Model Description Capacity Taper Back

$176.00 TM8-600-0337
1/32-1/2" TMX Keyless Drill Chuck - 33 JT 1/32-1/2 33 Jacobs Taper

$207.00 TM8-600-0369
1/8-5/8" TMX Keyless Drill Chuck - 3 JT 1/8-5/8 3 Jacobs Taper

Transfer Screw Sets

Transfer screw sets.
Quality import.
Set consists of 6 hardened screws, nested in a combined holder and wrench . A fast and accurate way to transfer the center point of threaded holes.

Quantity Price Model Description Size Pitch

$10.50 TRSC-4-40
#4-40 Transfer Screw Set 4 40

$10.50 TRSC-5-40
#5-40 Transfer Screw Set 5 40

$11.50 TRSC-6-32
#6-32 Transfer Screw Set 6 32

$11.50 TRSC-8-32
#8-32 Transfer Screw Set 8 32

$11.50 TRSC-10-24
#10-24 Transfer Screw Set 10 24

$11.50 TRSC-10-32
#10-32 Transfer Screw Set 10 32

$11.50 TRSC-1/4-20
1/4-20 Transfer Screw Set 1/4 20

$11.50 TRSC-5/16-18
5/16-18 Transfer Screw Set 5/16 18

$11.50 TRSC-3/8-16
3/8-16 Transfer Screw Set 3/8 16

$11.50 TRSC-3/8-24
3/8-24 Transfer Screw Set 3/8 24

$12.10 TRSC-1/2-13
1/2-13 Transfer Screw Set 1/2 13

$12.10 TRSC-1/2-20
1/2-20 Transfer Screw Set 1/2 20

Bondhus ColorGuard Ball End L-Wrench Sets

Bondhus ColorGuard Balldriver hex key sets.
Each key in a set is a different color for easy visibility and to distinguish your set from all the others in a facility.
Each key is marked with the size, so inch and metric keys cannot be confused.
Keys have superior rust protection finish over strong protanium steel.
Sets come in Black holder, to differentiate them from standard sets.

The ball end on the long arm provides the convenience and speed of off-axis rotation (up to 25 degrees.)

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Pieces Range

$38.75 BON-69600
ColorGuard Combo set: Inch and Metric - Extra Long 13 Inch & 9 Metric .050-3/8" & 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm

$22.50 BON-69637
Set of 13 Inch Size ColorGuard L-Wrenches - Extra Long Set of 13 .050-3/8"

$16.20 BON-69499
Set of 9 ColorGuard L-Wrenches, 1.5-10mm - Long Set of 9 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm

$18.25 BON-69699
Set of 9 ColorGuard L-Wrenches, 1.5-10mm - Extra Long Set of 9 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm

PEC Audible Electronic Edge Finder

Audibly beeps and LED lights up when ball touches work edge.
Made in USA by PEC Tools.
3/4" Shank. .400" ball end.
Repeatability +/- .0002"
Quantity Price Model Description

$108.50 PEC-4200-B40
PEC Audible Electronic Edge Finder

General Power Engraver

Enables precision cordless engraving anywhere.
Use on metal, plastic, ceramic or glass surfaces.
Users can protect all types of valuables with identifying markings and even perform delicate personalization of items.
Includes Diamond Tip Bit.
Uses standard 3/32" engraving bit.
Aluminum body. 20,000 RPM motor.
2 AAA batteries (included).
Tri-lobe ergonomic grip.
Overall Length: 6-1/2". Width: 1/2".
Quantity Price Model Description

$16.95 GEN-505
General Power Engraver

Fowler External Electronic Caliper Gage

Robust Housing
Large LCD Display.
Reading: .01"/.1mm/1/64ths
Accuracy: .01"/.3mm/1/64ths
Battery: CR2032
These calipers are spring loaded with a locking nut.
Quantity Price Model Description Type Range

$36.50 FOW-54-554-630
0-6" Fowler Outside Electronic Caliper Gage Outside 0-6"/150mm

Cherry Red Hardening Compound

Non-flammable powder used to easily surface harden steels.
Works with mild steel as well as tool steel.
Great for dies, jigs, and fixtures.
Used with heat, but no special equipment is needed.
Quantity Price Model Description

$25.80 CRED-1
1 Lb. Cherry Red Hardening Compound

$88.90 CRED-5
5 Lbs. Cherry Red Hardening Compound

Bondhus Hollow Shaft Nutdriver Set

Set of 7 hollow shaft nut drivers with ergonomic handles.
Sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 11/32", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2"
High Strength. Made in USA
Quantity Price Model Description

$20.70 BON-48445
Bondhus Nut Driver Set