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Shears, Presses, Misc.

Bench-Top Shears

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Lever action metal cutting bench shears.
Hardened and tempered blade shears steel sheets, bars, and rods.
Quantity Price Model Description Blade Length Handle Length Cutting Flats Capacity Rounds Weight
Out of stock
$79.50 BSH-6
6" Bench-top Shears 6" 27" 3/16" 3/8" 26
Out of stock
$124.00 BSH-10
10" Bench-top Shears 10" 30" 1/4" 15/32" 50

Arbor Presses

Steel rams and pinion.
Heavy castings. Precision made.
Base has holes for mounting on a table or bench.
4-position slotted anvil can be removed. Adjustable handle

Arbor Press is useful for punching, broaching, installing or removing bearings, and many other tasks that require controlled mechanical pressure.

The "Maximum Work Diameter" dimension is twice the distance from the center of the ram to the back of the throat.
The "Maximum Height Capacity" dimension is measured with the round anvil plate in place on the bottom of the press.

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Quantity Price Model Description Pressure (tons) Max. Ht. Capacity Height Max Work Diam Approx Press Weight

$40.00 RB-0
1/2 Ton Arbor Press, 2118-0030 1/2 4 10" 6 1/2" 22

$60.00 RB-1
1 Ton Arbor Press, 2118-0035 1 4 1/2 12" 8" 38

Hardness Tester

Type 3R Hardness Tester.
Designed for measuring hardness of metals.
Conforms to ISO 33804-1966 and BS:891-1962 Part I and II for Rockwell testing.

Test Height: 4.25"
Throat Depth: 5.25"
Dimensions: L 18" x W 9" x H 24.5"
Approx. Weight: 175 lbs.

5.75" testing table
2.188" testing table
2.188" testing table with 'V' groove
120 deg. Diamond penetrator
1/16" steel ball penetrator
1 Rockwell A test block
1 Rockwell B test block
1 Rockwell C test block
Instruction manual
Dust cover.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$975.00 MAC-TEST
Hardness Tester