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Tap Guide

Adjustable tension spring. Reversible tension pin for male and female hole centering or tapping. Hardened shank, knurled for easy handling.
1/2" diameter body, 3/16" diameter hardened tension pin.

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Quantity Price Model Description

$3.95 MAY-TG146
Tap Guide (SALE - WAS $4.95 )

Spring Center

For easy and accurate tapping.
Made of ground alloy steel with hardened point.
Held in a drill chuck or collet, the point is inserted in the center of the tap wrench.
Stroke of the center will follow the tap, assuring accurate hand tapped threads.
Quantity Price Model Description

$6.50 MAY-SC2323
Spring Center (SALE - WAS $7.95 )

Machine Tapping Guide

Provides sensitive feel for hand tapping small holes on milling machines, drilling presses, and lathes.
These machine tapping guides start every hole straight and prevents tap breakage.
Shank diameter 3/8", handle diameter 1".
0 to No. 12 tap capacity.
Quantity Price Model Description

$14.20 MAY-TG396
Machine Tapping Guide (SALE - WAS $17.90 )

Repairman's Reamer

Removes burrs from small holes, enlarges and countersinks holes in soft metals.
Suitable for 1/8" to 1/2" diameter holes.
Quantity Price Model Description

$3.75 MAY-RMR3
Repairmans Reamer(SALE - WAS $4.75)

Scraper and Burring Tool

Machine shop hand tools with triangular, reversible, high-speed steel blades.
Quantity Price Model Description

$4.95 MAY-SCR1
Scraper and Burring Tool (SALE - WAS $6.25 )

Extra Straight Blade for MAY-SCR1 Scraper

Pin Vise Set

Used to hold small drills, taps, etc.
Set of 4 pin vises. Easy grip, easy lock.
Capacity 0-3/16"
Quantity Price Model Description

$7.70 MAY-PV1
Pin Vise Set (SALE - WAS $10.95 )

Wiggler or Center Finder

Set consists of interchangeable attachments and special chuck, including:
Ball contact attachment (.250" dia.).
Disc contact attachment (.100" dia,).
Needle point attachment.
Offset Indicator Holder
Quantity Price Model Description

$6.60 MAY-WG50
Wiggler or Center Finder, Quality Import (SALE - WAS $9.50 )
Out of stock
$19.65 PEC-4100
Wiggler or Center Finder, PEC

Pump Oilers

Metal can comes with one rigid spout and one flexible spout.
Quantity Price Model Description Capacity

$3.60 MAY-OC5222
1/2 pint Pump Oiler 1/2 pint

$3.20 MAY-OC5224
1 pint Pump Oiler (SALE - WAS $4.40 ) 1 pint