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Tool Sharpening

Drill Doctor Drill Bit Sharpeners

Sharpens High Speed Steel, Cobalt, or Carbide bits
Uses a diamond wheel (included) to sharpen standard 118 degree points, 135 degree split points, or even to grind split point bits from standard.
110 volt, 3 amp motor
Includes case .
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Out of stock
$148.00 DOC-500X
Drill Doctor 1/2 in Drill Bit Sharpener, 2810-0505 3/32"-1/2" bits
Out of stock
$188.00 DOC-750X
Drill Doctor 3/4 in Drill Bit Sharpener, 2810-0755 3/32"-3/4" bits

Drill Grinding Attachment

For drills from 1/8" to 3/4". Adjustable angle. For use with bench grinders. Instructions included.
Made by GeneralTools.
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Out of stock
$30.00 GEN-825
General Drill Grinding Attachment, 6800-0335

End Mill Sharpener

Sharpen cutters and end mills quickly and easily in your own shop on your regular tool or surface grinder.
These End mill sharpeners include all accessories (2 spindles, 4 bushings) to accept 3/16"- 1 1/4" shank end mills.
This end mill bit sharpener accepts cutters up to 12" diameter (and larger) with the use of riser blocks.
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$269.00 EM-002
End Mill Sharpener, 1709-0030

End Mill Grinding Fixture

12 positive ball stops.
Black oxide finish.
Grinds 2,3,4,6,8, and 12 fluted end mills and shell mills on the face on the mill only!
This fixture cannot be used to grind edges of end mills.

Clearance and relief angles are built into solid 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" base.
Uses standard 5C collets to hold end mills with 1/16"- 1 1/8" shanks.
Shell mills can be held with straight shank arbors.
Design assures precise concentricity.
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$49.90 EM-001
End Mill Grinding Fixture, 1709-0020