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Tooling Sets

Set-up Tool Set

Save on our assortment of popular set-up tools.
Set Includes:
Model BL-123 - Pair of 1-2-3 Blocks.
Model VS-SLV2A - 2" wide Precision Toolmakers Vise
Model VB-2 - 1-1/2" capacity Vee Blocks with Clamps.
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$96.90 ST-SETUP
Set-up Tool Set: BL-123 Blocks, VS-SLV2A Vise, and VB-2 Vee Blocks

Drill Press Set

Save on our assortment of popular Drill Press accessories.
Set includes:
Model DCP-3 Drill Chuck - 1/2" capacity with 33 Jacobs Taper back.
Model VS-P250 - 2-1/2" wide Drill Press Vise.
Model BSBR-29 - 1/16" - 1/2" High Speed Steel Brite Jobber Drill Set.
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$68.00 ST-DRILL
Drill Press Set: DCP-3 Chuck, VS-P250 Vise, and DSBR-29 Drill Set

Precision Tool Set

Save on our precision tooling assortment.
6" Dial Caliper, reads .001", .100" per revolution (DCH-S-6),
1" Micrometer, reads .0001" (VME-01),
6" Pocket Rule,
60 degree Center Gage,
6" Inside Caliper,
6" Outside Caliper,
6" Divider.
A $79.00 VALUE !
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$40.50 ST-PREC
Precision Tool Set

Magnetic Base and Dial Indicator Sets

All sets include fine adjustment magnetic base and 1" travel, .001", dial indicator.
Quantity Price Model Description

$28.90 ST-00
Set: MB-F Base with VDI-2 Dial Indicator

$39.50 ST-01
Set: MB-F Base with Top Japanese 0-1" Dial Indicator

$67.50 ST-02
Set: MB-F Base with TEC-D2 Dial Indicator