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Gages and Edge Finders

Center Finder Gages

Accurately locates the center of round workpieces.
Place gage in drill chuck or collet and adjust work position until pointer aligns with line on shaft. 3/8" shank.
Quantity Price Model Description

$4.95 GA-CF354
Center Finder Gage, Quality Import

$14.50 GA-CF4200
Center Finder Gage, made in USA

Wiggler or Center Finder

Set consists of interchangeable attachments and special chuck, including:
Ball contact attachment (.250" dia.).
Disc contact attachment (.100" dia,).
Needle point attachment.
Offset Indicator Holder
Quantity Price Model Description

$9.50 MAY-WG50
Wiggler or Center Finder, Quality Import

$18.55 PEC-4100
Wiggler or Center Finder, PEC

Edge Finders

Hardened and ground all over. Accurately locates the starting point for all type of machine work and jig boring.
Quantity Price Model Description Body Diam. Tips

$4.90 EF-130
1/2" Single End Edge Finder 1/2" 1/2"

$5.00 EF-132
1/2" Double End Edge Finder 1/2 1/2", .2"

$4.90 EF-133
3/8" Single End Edge Finder 3/8 .2"

$5.30 EF-134
1/2" Double End Edge Finder w/ Point 1/2 .2", Point

$5.30 EF-135
3/8" Double End Edge Finder w/ Point 3/8 .2", Point

$4.90 EF-136
1/2" Single End Edge Finder 1/2 .2"

$4.90 EF-137
3/8" Single Point End Edge Finder 3/8 Point

$4.90 EF-138
1/2" Single Point End Edge Finder 1/2 Point

$5.50 EF-152
10mm Single End Metric Edge Finder 10mm 10mm

$16.90 EF-ST
4 Piece Edge Finder Set (130,132,133,134) - -

Edge Finder Set

Set of four Edge Finders.
EF-130, EF-132, EF-133, EF-134
Quantity Price Model Description

$16.90 EF-STA
4 Piece Edge Finder Set

Fowler Electronic Edge Finder

Six equally spaced light ports provide visibity at any angle.
Edge finder lights up when stylus touches the work.
Includes bulb and AAA battery.
Repeatability .0002"
Made in USA.
Quantity Price Model Description

$26.90 FOW-54-575-600
Fowler Electronic Edge Finder

Electronic Edge Finder

High sensitivity probe for accurate positioning. 4 LED lights, power cells included.
Made of hardened steel - 60RC.
Repeatability, T.I.R. within .0002"

Made in the USA.
Quantity Price Model Description

$112.70 GAE-EF
Electronic Edge Finder, USA

Electronic Offset Gage

Made in USA.
High sensitivity gage for tool center height alignment.
Power cells included.
Place gage on table under spindle.
Make contact between tool and top of guage. LED will light.
Height: 2".
Quantity Price Model Description

$112.70 GAE-OG
Electronic Offset Gage

3 Axis Electronic Sensors

Made in USA.
Fast, accurate "zero" home positioning, for all 3 axes (xyz).
Operates in vertical or horizontal position.
Over travel safety zone in all axes.
X & Y for CNC turning center.
XYZ for CNC machinery center.
Measuring and centering of round holes.
Repeatability +/-.0005".
Quantity Price Model Description Shank

$166.90 GAE-3D1
3 Axis Electronic Sensor - 3/4" Shank 3/4"

Centering Squares

Made from ground tool steel. Hardened blade.
Place on the end of a round bar and scribe lines to determine center.
Quantity Price Model Description Capacity

$8.60 SQ-CTR1
1-1/2" Centering Square 1-1/2"

$14.50 SQ-CTR3
3" Centering Square 3"