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You can use our website as a virtual tool crib. There are two ways to save groups of tools you have selected for future purchase, described below. In order to use this feature you must be registered with our website and logged in. You can log in by clicking the "Login" link in the left-hand navigation area of each page. If you are already logged in you can reach these features by clicking "My Account."

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A "saved cart" will hold the items in your shopping cart until you are ready to purchase them. You can store any number of "Saved Carts" full of tools on our server. When viewing your cart, simply click the "Save this Cart" button. The items will be removed from your cart and saved for future retrieval. You can give each saved cart a name at the time you save it. You can use these as a wish list for future purchases, to contain the tools needed for a specific job or quote, or any other purpose you can think of. Once you add these back to your shopping cart, the saved cart will disappear.


You can create "recurring orders" for items that you purchase repeatedly. Each recurring order will be saved until you delete it. When viewing your cart, simply click the "Set as Recurring Order" button. You can give each saved cart a name at the time you save it. You might wish to name an order "taps and dies", "parts for transmission job", or anything else. Of course you can change the quantities and delete items in the cart without changing the original recurring order.