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Clamps for Mini Lathes and Mills

A2Z Tuff Nuts

Custom Designed Steel T-nuts for small lathes and milling machines.
Black Oxide finish. Made in USA by A2Z CNC.
Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Machine Specific versions available for:
Sherline Lathe or Mill
Sherline Lathe Toolpost
Taig Mill
Taig Lathe
Chinese MiniMill
Chinese 9x20 Lathe
Quantity Price Model Description Machine Nuts per pack Thread

$17.45 A2Z-TSNC1
A2Z 10/32 Tuff Nuts for Chinese Mini Mill (8) Chinese Mini Mill (10/32) 8 10-32

$17.45 A2Z-TSNU1
A2Z 6mm Tuff Nuts for Unimat (8) Unimat (6mm) 8 6mm x 1.0