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Clamps for Mini Lathes and Mills

A2Z Swivel Milling Clamps

A2Z Swivel Milling Clamps for small milling machines.
Made in USA of hard anodized aluminum.
Studs and nuts are not included.
Clamps 1-1/2" thick material.
Sold in pairs.
Quantity Price Model Description Fits studs: Style Length

$45.90 A2Z-WHMCLL
Large A2Z Swivel Milling Clamps-Long (2) (LAST PAIR) 5/16-18 to 3/8-16 Long 5.5"

A2Z Tuff Nuts

Custom Designed Steel T-nuts for small lathes and milling machines.
Black Oxide finish. Made in USA by A2Z CNC.
Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

Machine Specific versions available for:
Sherline Lathe or Mill
Sherline Lathe Toolpost
Taig Mill
Taig Lathe
Chinese MiniMill
Chinese 9x20 Lathe
Quantity Price Model Description Machine Nuts per pack Thread

$17.45 A2Z-TSNC1
A2Z 10/32 Tuff Nuts for Chinese Mini Mill (8) Chinese Mini Mill (10/32) 8 10-32

$17.45 A2Z-TSNU1
A2Z 6mm Tuff Nuts for Unimat (8) Unimat (6mm) 8 6mm x 1.0