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Astro Cut Cutting Fluids

Astro Cut Cutting Fluids

Astro Cut A is a water-soluble, biostable cutting and grinding oil for all metals except magnesium.
Astro Cut A dilutes with 10-33 parts water, is milky in appearance.
Free of chlorine, sulphur and silicone.

Astro Cut B is semi-synthetic, approximately 20% mineral oil, dilutes with 10 - 25 parts water, is translucent amber in appearance. Free of chlorine.

Made by Monroe Fluid Technology.

Please note: these fluids ship by GROUND ONLY !
These products are NOT available for export.
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$50.70 CF-CUTA
Astro Cut A Cutting Fluid 1 Gallon
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$42.20 CF-CUTB
Astro Cut B Cutting Fluid 1 Gallon