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Center Gages

Center Gages

For checking angles on centers and tools.
Model CG-1 is a plain steel model, useful primarily for the 60° angles.
Models CG-2 and CG-3 are graduated in 14ths and 20ths on one side, 24ths and 32nds on reverse- and also have tables for double depth of American National Thread.
Model CG-3 is a 55° model for Whitworth threads.
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$2.75 GA-CG1
Plain Steel 60 deg Center Gage, 1289-0500

$10.50 GA-CG2
Chrome, Stainless 60 deg Center Gage - PEC, 1289-0026
Out of stock
$4.50 GA-CG3
Stainless Steel 55 deg Center Gage