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Exploring Advanced Manufacturing Technologies CD

Exploring Advanced Manufacturing Technologies CD

Exploring Advanced Manufacturing Technologies CD
Steve Krar and Art Gill
CD version in PDF format of 448 page book, Illustrated,
Published: July, 2003


Designed to introduce new technologies to students, instructors, manufacturing engineers, supervisors and managers, this ready reference includes many new manufacturing technologies for those who do not have time to undertake the necessary research.
Each topic addresses the following points:
* a brief description of the technology and where it is used
* the underlying theory and principles and how the technology works
* where the technology can be used and what conventional process it may replace
* the requirements necessary to make it work and some possible pitfalls
* advantages and disadvantages
* successful application areas.

* Introduces and provides an overview of 45 of the latest manufacturing technologies.
* Each unit has the potential for saving a manufacturer many thousands of dollars when applied properly.
* All major developments in manufacturing technology are available in this one volume...no more time-consuming searching of the Web.
* Written by a highly successful team of technical authors whose reputations for accuracy and quality are recognized worldwide.
* Many technologies have been updated to the date of publication.
* Includes these topics: Producing Prosperity, Human Resources, Internet Sourcing: Goods/Services, Justifying AM
Technologies, Superabrasive Technology, Direct Metal Deposition, Fineblanking, Product Design & Development, Internet
2D/3D File Transfer, Open Architecture CNC, Immersive/Virtual Reality, Machine Diagnostics Online, CNC Manufacturing &
Lasers, Robotics & Rapid Prototyping, E-Manufacturing, STEP NC, Manufacturing in the Future, Nanotechnology, plus 25
other advanced technologies.
* Each section has been reviewed by industrial experts to ensure that it contains the latest information and is technically accurate.

* Human Resources
* Material Removal Processes Machining/Grinding
* Cutting Tools and Accessories
* Work-Hold Devices
* Machines
* Non-Conventional Material Removal Processes
* Non-Material-Removal Processes
* Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
* Measurement, Inspection and Quality Assurance
* Manufacturing Systems
* Miscellaneous
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BOOK- Exploring Advanced Manufacturing Technologies