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Fowler Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicator

Fowler Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicator

Fowler Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicators and Indicator/Base Set.

The new Indi-X-Blue indicators feature:
Inch/metric conversion.
Resolution of display: .0005"/ .01mm
Floating zero, auto-off.
Lug back.
Carbide contact tip.

Set FOW-54-585-100 includes the FOW-54-520-250 Indi-X-Blue indicator, an 85 pound pull chrome flexible magnetic base, a magnetic back for the indicator, and a fitted case.
Quantity Price Model Description Travel Reads

$61.80 FOW-54-520-250
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1"/25mm 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm

$64.10 FOW-54-520-260
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1"/25mm/64ths 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm/64ths

$53.65 FOW-54-520-255
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1/2"/12.55mm 1/2"/12.55mm .0005"/.01mm

$128.40 FOW-54-585-100
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator Set with Base 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm