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Indexable Boring Bar Sets

Indexable Boring Bar Sets

A set of high quality American-made indexable boring bars.
Positive rake.

The set includes:
4 boring bars: BBU-BN6-2, BBU-BS8, BBU-BN10, BBU-BN12-3
10 TPGB-321 C5 inserts
5 TPGB-221 C5 inserts
3 pc 4-40 torx screws
T-10 key

Boring Bar model BBU-BN6-2 requires TPGB-221 or TPGC-221 inserts. (These are 1/4" I.C. inserts.)

Boring Bar models BBU-BS8, BBU-BN10, and BBU-BN12-3 require TPGB-321, TPGB-322, TPGC-321, or TPGC-322 inserts. (These are 3/8" I.C. inserts.)

Please note that other insert types (for instance, TPG or TNMG) will not have the correct hole and countersink.

Follow this link to see the corresponding Carbide Inserts for BBU series Boring Bars..
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$348.80 BBU-ST4
Indexable Boring Bar Set in Wood Box