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Machine Shop Practice

Machine Shop Practice

Machine Shop Practice, Second Edition
Karl H Moltrecht
Published January, 1981

Everything the apprentice or on-the-job professional needs to know about the intelligent and efficient operation of machine tools is here.
* Includes over 760 illustrations and 70 tables in two volumes.
* Offers sections on numerical control; grinding wheels; single point cutting tools and tool wear; basic drilling machine setups; and formulas for estimating the power required for planing.
* Provides detailed discussions on methods of setting up the workpiece on milling machines, horizontal boring machines, planers and shapers.

Volume I, 496 pages
Table of Contents:
* Basic Metal Cutting Operations
* Basic Measuring Instruments
* Layout Work
* Drilling Machines, Twist Drills and Auxillary Tooling
* Drilling Machine Operations
* Engine Lathe Construction
* Single Point Cutting Tools and Their Performance
* Cylindrical Turning
* Chucking Work
* Taper and Angle Turning
* Faceplate Work
* Screw Threads and Screw Thread Measurements
* Cutting Screws on a Lathe
* Turret Lathes, Production Lathes and Vertical Lathes
* Precision Hole Location - the Jig Borer
* Metal Cutting Saws

Volume II, 517 pages
Table of Contents:
* Shaper Construction.
* Shaper Work.
* Planers and Planer Work.
* Milling Machine Construction.
* Milling Cutters.
* Milling Machine Operations.
* Indexing.
* Dividing Head Work.
* Helical and Cam Milling.
* The Horizontal Boring Machine.
* Grinding Wheels.
* Cylindrical Grinding.
* Surface Grinding.
* Cutter and Tool Grinding.
* Numerical Controlled Machine Tools.
* Surface Plate Work.

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