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Machine Shop Trade Secrets

Machine Shop Trade Secrets

By James A. Harvey.
Second Edition 2013, 324+ pages, softbound.
From basic to advanced machining, this easy to understand book lists suggestions for immediately improving your machining skills.
New 2nd edition features full color photos, more discussion of CNC machining, improved index.

Machine Shop Secrets is a practical "how-to" book aimed at the typical small machine shop, with lots of helpful photos.

Rather than present a lot of tables and charts, Harvey gives practical, day-to-day machining advice in an enthusiastic, conversational tone.
As he notes, in machining "You get to destroy as you create. After nearly forty years working in the trade, I still like making a big mess of chips."

There are helpful hints on threading, cutting, grinding, finishing, and CNC work.
Filled with practical machine shop tips and tricks, both conventional and CNC, plus a much needed chapter on help for engineers from a machinist's perspective.

A limited number of copies of the first edition are available at a reduced price.
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Machine Shop Trade Secrets - 2nd Ed