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Machine Shop Training Course

Machine Shop Training Course

Machine Shop Training Course, Fifth Edition
Franklin D Jones
Published January, 1964
Softound ( While supplies last, volume 1 may be hardbound)

Packed with facts and rules that students can put to use in the shop and toolroom. Together, these books provide an outstanding treatise on machine shop practice. No classroom or workshop where apprentices are being trained can afford to be without these valuable combination text and reference guides.

Covers fundamental principles; methods of adjusting and using different types of machine tools - with typical examples of:
* work-measuring instruments and gauges
* cutting screw threads by different processes
* thread grinding
* gear cutting
* precision toolmaking methods
* typical shop problems with solutions
* miscellaneous facts relating to the art of machine construction and much, much more

There are two volumes in the series, available for purchase seperately or as a two-volume set:

Volume I, 570 pages
Table of Contents:
* Principles of Metal Cutting
* Lathe Operations: turning; turning cylindrical parts; taper turning; chucks and faceplates; drilling and boring
* Single Point Form Tools and Tool Grinding
* Speeds and Feeds Principles
* Cooling and Lubrication
* Screw Threads: cutting screw threads; measuring pitch diameters
* Turret Lathes
* Vertical Boring and Turning Machines
* Drilling and Reaming Holes
* Spacing and Locating Holes
* Cylinder Boring
* Jig Boring
* Measuring Instruments
* Gage Blocks
* Generating Surfaces and Angles
* Blueprint Reading
* Shop Safety

Volume II, 566 pages
Table of Contents:
* Tapping
* Dies
* Milling and Grinding Screw Threads
* Rolling Processes
* Planing Processes
* Milling Flat, Curved and Irregular Surfaces
* Indexing
* Cutting Spur and Bevel Gears
* Grinding Cylindrical and Tapered Parts
* Grinding Milling Cutters and Reamers
* Lapping
* Broaching Internal and External Surfaces
* Chipping, Filing and Scraping
* Tool Steels for Metal Cutting
* Heat Treatment of Steels
* Numerical Controls
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