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Metric Oil Hardening Drill Rod

Metric Oil Hardening Drill Rod

These metric drill rods are made of precision ground O-1 tool steel.
Oil hardening. non-deforming.
Three foot lengths of round bar. (We do not cut these lengths into smaller sections.)

Typical Analysis of O-1 Tool Steel:
Carbon - 0.80/0.95
Manganese - 1.00/1.25
Silicon - 0.20/0.40
Phosphorus - 0.020 Max.
Sulfur - 0.020 Max.
Chromium - 0.40/0.60
Vanadium - 0.10/0.20
Tungsten - 0.40/0.60

Call for lengths up to 12 feet, or other types of tool steel.

Due to packaging costs and UPS dimensional pricing, we cannot ship orders with less than $20.00 of drill rod or threaded rod.
Please note: small amounts (less than $30.00 worth) of drill rod require special packing and often AN ADDITIONAL PACKAGE - when necessary AN EXTRA FREIGHT CHARGE OF $10.00 WILL BE APPLIED.
(Sorry that this cannot be equitably determined online - if you are ordering only narrow objects such as drill bits with your drill rod, for example, no extra charge is necessary.)
Quantity Price Model Description Size Decimal

$2.75 DRDM-2
2mm O1 Drill Rod 2mm .0787"

$3.25 DRDM-3
3mm O1 Drill Rod 3mm .1181"

$3.40 DRDM-4
4mm O1 Drill Rod 4mm .1575"

$4.30 DRDM-5
5mm O1 Drill Rod 5mm .1969"

$6.50 DRDM-6
6mm O1 Drill Rod 6mm .2362"

$6.00 DRDM-7
7mm O1 Drill Rod 7mm .2756"

$9.00 DRDM-8
8mm O1 Drill Rod 8mm .315"

$10.70 DRDM-9
9mm O1 Drill Rod 9mm .3543"

$12.70 DRDM-10
10mm O1 Drill Rod 10mm .3937"

$15.60 DRDM-11
11mm O1 Drill Rod 11mm .4331"

$18.00 DRDM-12
12mm O1 Drill Rod 12mm .4724"

$15.90 DRDM-13
13mm O1 Drill Rod 13mm .5118"

$18.40 DRDM-14
14mm O1 Drill Rod 14mm .5512"

$21.10 DRDM-15
15mm O1 Drill Rod 15mm .5906"

$23.10 DRDM-16
16mm O1 Drill Rod 16mm .6299"

$26.50 DRDM-17
17mm O1 Drill Rod 17mm .6693"

$29.80 DRDM-18
18mm O1 Drill Rod 18mm .7037"

$34.40 DRDM-19
19mm O1 Drill Rod 19mm .748"

$35.90 DRDM-20
20mm O1 Drill Rod 20mm .7874"

$41.30 DRDM-21
21mm O1 Drill Rod 21mm .8268"

$47.00 DRDM-22
22mm O1 Drill Rod 22mm .8661"

$47.50 DRDM-23
23mm O1 Drill Rod 23mm .9055"

$52.80 DRDM-24
24mm O1 Drill Rod 24mm .9449"

$57.00 DRDM-25
25mm O1 Drill Rod 25mm .9843"

$78.10 DRDM-30
30mm O1 Drill Rod 30mm 1.1811"