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Mini Indexable Boring Bar Set

Mini Indexable Boring Bar Set

A set of small American-made indexable boring bars.
The bars all have 1/2" shanks and 4" overall length.

The set includes:
4 mini boring bars: BBU-BN-6-5-2, BBU-BS-6-5-2, BBU-BN-6-5-3, BBU-BN-6-5-4
20 TCMT-520 coated inserts
3 pc 2-56 torx screws
T-6 wrench
wood storage box

These boring bars hold TCMT-520 inserts.

Made in the USA.

Follow this link to see the corresponding Carbide Inserts for BBU series Boring Bars..
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$328.00 BBU-ST3
Indexable Mini Boring Bar Set