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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

By Robert C. Hansen
2001, 6 X 9 illustrated hardcover
256 pages
Written primarily for those responsible for the reliabilty of equipment and the production operation, this innovative book centers on developing and measuring true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The author demonstrates that true OEE correlates with factory output, providing a methodology to link OEE with net profits that can be used by reliabilty managers to build solid cases for improvement projects, and draws on his own experience by presenting successful improvement applications in every chapter. Additionally, it will help practitioners better understand Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and develop an effective foundation to support Reliabilty-Centered Maintenance (RCM).
Understanding the Power of Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Learning the basics of OEE Metrics
The Finacial Aspects of OEE
People Expectations
The Value Fulcrum, Understanding Priority Setting/Focus
Win-Win Maintenance/Equipment Shutdown Strategies
Reliabilty, Availabilty, Maintainabilty/System Performance Analysis (RAM/SPA)
A General Tool for Acceptance Testing
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BOOK- Overall Equipment Effectiveness