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Radius Gage Sets

Radius Gage Sets

Radius gage sets come with convenient protective cases and gage holders. Stainless steel inch and metric radius gauges.
Precision finished radii with extra smooth edges.
Five gaging surfaces on each individual gage. Gages both convex and concave radii.
Each gage marked with radius.
Quantity Price Model Description Range Gages Made In

$19.90 GA-RAD25
1/64"-1/2" Radius Gage Set 1/64-17/64" by 64ths;9/32-1/2" by 32nds 25 China

$49.50 GA-RAD8
9/16"- 1" by 16ths Radius Gage Set 9/16-1" by 16ths 8 China

$95.00 GA-RAD88
1-1/16" - 1-1/2" by 16ths Radius Gage Set 1-1/16" - 1-1/2" by 16ths 8 China

$27.50 GA-RADM
.5mm- 13mm Radius Gage Set .5mm-13mm 25 China

$34.50 GEN-S435A
General 1/32"-17/64" Radius Gage Set 1/32-17/64" by 64ths 16 USA