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Smart Inventory Solutions

Smart Inventory Solutions

Smart Inventory Solutions: 7 Actions for MRO and Indirect Inventory Reduction
Phillip Slater
160 pages, Illustrated, 8 x 10
Published: January 2007

Smart Inventory Solutions is the result of the author’s time spent working with clients and studying the issues people face in trying to achieve their inventory reduction. This landmark manual shows you the seven Actions for Inventory Reduction so you can easily, efficiently and sustainably achieve your inventory reduction, free up cash, and reduce your costs without risk and impact on your capability. Additionally, it shows you the author’s self-developed Inventory cash release process™ to follow, the mistakes to avoid and a sure fire approach that minimizes your workload. In fact you'll learn how to generate better results for these types of inventory.

* Shows you how to eliminate 100% excess of inventory and reduce inventory related working capital by up to 40%.
* Illustrates how to reduce your ongoing inventory management costs.
* Helps you develop the skills of your team to enable ongoing inventory management and independence.
* Provides 20 exclusive case studies and real life examples.
* Can be applied to all ‘bought in’ inventories such as parts and components, finished goods, OEM spares, MRO inventory, engineering spares, and industrial supplies.
* Includes a data collection guide.

* An Introduction to the Inventory Cash ReleaseTM Process
* Why ‘Less Is More’
* 5 Myths of Inventory Reduction
* The Issues That Drive Excess Inventory
* Maximum Results, Minimum Effort
* 7 Actions For Inventory Reduction
* Managing Non Pareto and New Inventory
* Your Opportunities and Next Actions
* Appendix A: Inventory Reduction Glossary
* Appendix B: Data Collection Guide

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