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TT Style Carbide Inserts - Grade C2

TT Style Carbide Inserts - Grade C2

TT Style Carbide Inserts: grade C2 carbide for general purpose cutting.
For indexable lathe turning tool holders.
Inserts have positive rake and chipbreaker groove.

These are the only inserts that may be used in our series TTUS- or TTIM- indexable turning tools.
The 3/8" shank holders use TT-221 or TT-222.
Other sizes use TT-321, TT-322, or TT-323.

Made in the USA.

The I.C. dimension is the diameter of a circle that could be drawn within a triangular insert, touching the midpoint of each side.
Quantity Price Model Description I.C. Radius Thickness Hole Diameter

$3.25 CI-TT-221-C2
TT-221 Grade C2 Carbide Insert, 9021-1200 1/4" .015" 1/8" .09"

$3.25 CI-TT-222-C2
TT-222 Grade C2 Carbide Insert, 9021-1205 1/4" .032" 1/8" .09"

$3.75 CI-TT-321-C2
TT-321 Grade C2 Carbide Insert, 9021-1210 3/8" .015" 1/8" .15"

$3.75 CI-TT-322-C2
TT-322 Grade C2 Carbide Insert, 9021-1215 3/8" .032" 1/8" .15"

$3.75 CI-TT-323-C2
TT-323 Grade C2 Carbide Insert, 9021-1220 3/8" .046" 1/8" .15"