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Tool Black for steel or ferrous metals

Tool Black for steel or ferrous metals

Tool Black for steel and other ferrous metals.

Precision Brand Tool Black is a practical, inexpensive and fast alternative to sending out ferrous metal parts for black finishing.
Tool Black Liquid Kit contains 1 pint each of Metal Polish/Cleanser, Tool Black, and Prevent spray on protective film.

Tool Black fluids are VOC free.

Ideal for touchup and prototype work.
With simple three step process, you can impart a black finish which adds to the appearance and protection of your parts.

No special equipment or heating/ventilating system required.
Total process rarely exceeds a few minutes.
Effective if used properly. Brush on or immerse part.

Please note: these fluids ship by GROUND ONLY !
These Precision Brand Tool Black products are NOT available for export.

Click for the answers to frequently asked questions about tool blackening.

Click to watch a video demonstration of tool blackening.

Tool Black Gel is also in stock - ideal for small jobs or vertical surfaces.
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$119.50 PRE-45126
Tool Black kit for Ferrous Metals, 3 pcs (45117, 45118 and 45119)

$44.75 PRE-45117
Tool Black - one pint

$75.80 PRE-45109
Tool Black - one quart

$24.25 PRE-45118
Metal Polish/Cleanser, 1 pint

$71.50 PRE-45119
Prevent, 1 pint