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VME Electronic Calipers

VME Electronic Calipers

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Large, easy to read numbers.
Reads to .0005", accurate to +/- .001".
Instant conversion between inch and metric readings.
Stainless steel body and jaws.

Model ECAL-6AB features a fourth button, allowing the setting of an "absolute" zero point that is held even when the caliper is turned off.
The "zero" button can still be used for comparison measurements, but the digital caliper remembers the "absolute" zero the next time you turn the caliper on.
Quantity Price Model Description Reads

$17.90 ECAL-6
6" VME Electronic Caliper 6" / 150mm

$39.90 ECAL-8
8" VME Electronic Caliper 8" / 200mm

$57.50 ECAL-12
12" VME Electronic Caliper 12" / 300mm