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Vargus Deburring Holders

Vargus Deburring Holders

Vargus Deburring Holders.
Blades are inserted into the holder, and the holder is inserted into the deburr handle.
"B" blades must be held by "B" holder, "E" blades by "E" holder, etc.
You can switch these holders in any Vargus handles except "throwaway" style. This allows you to use "B" blades and "E" blades, for example with a single handle.
Quantity Price Model Description

$5.50 VAR-BHB
B Holder - standard deburring

$5.50 VAR-BHE
E Holder - heavy duty deburring

$5.50 VAR-BHC
C Holder - for scraping

$5.75 VAR-BHD
D Holder - for sheet metal

$5.50 VAR-BHF
F Holder - for countersinking