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Book-Basic Machining Reference Handbook, 2nd Ed.

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Book-Basic Machining Reference Handbook, 2nd Ed.

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By Arthur R. Meyers and Thomas Slattery 2001, 6 X 9 illustrated hardcover 299 pages OVERVIEW This reference is intended to serve as a memory jog for experienced machinists, as well as a reference for those involved in process engineering. It presents the steps used to start a machine process and continues through the basic operations. FEATURES Includes expanded chapters on numerical control and computerized operations, with more speed and feed tables and review of relevant terms and applications. Ephasizes the hands-on concept of developing and refining skills, along with knowledge of metals and maching processes. Presents checklists and considerations, required steps and functions, and the most appropriate sequences. CONTENTS Measurement Standards Cut-Off Turning and the Lathe: Definition and History The Milling Machine Sensitive, Gear-Head, and Radial Drill Presses Grinding Steels, Alloys, and other Materials Numerical Control and CNC Cost per Cut in the Computer Age Index