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1/8-27 National Pipe Straight Chasers for 5/16" Die Heads

Model #: DHCPS-1/8-27-5

1/8-27 National Pipe Straight Chasers for 5/16" Die Heads

Price: $165.00

Description: 1/8-27 NPS Chasers for 5/16" Die Heads

  • Diameter: 1/8
  • Thread: 27

Chasers for cutting National Pipe Straight threads in Geometric type die heads. Commonly used in lamps and electric fixtures. Standard style chasers. 5/16" chasers will fit in DS, DSA, and DJ heads. 9/16" chasers will fit in D,DS,DSA, and DJ heads. 3/4" chasers will fit in D,DS,DJ, and DD heads. 1" chasers will fit in D,DJ, and DD heads. But NOT in 1"-DS heads! 1-1/4" chasers will fit in D and DD Geometric Die Heads or their equivalent. While we have hundreds of chasers in stock, our listing here includes sizes that may take up to a week to ship. Please call or e-mail if immediate delivery is required. Also contact us for projection style chasers, and sizes and styles not listed here. All prices shown for chasers are subject to availability.