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General 36/37 Drill Guide

Model #: GEN-36/37

General 36/37 Drill Guide

Price: $50.80

Description: Drill Guide - General

  • Made by General Tools.

General's drill guide brings drill press accuarcy and versatility to handheld drilling jobs.
Drill accurate right-angled or variable angled holes with built-in protractor scale.
Adjusts 45 degrees in either direction of vertical drill position.
Portable and lightweight: folds flat for toolbox storage.
Built-in depth stop.
Slide lock for sanding and buffing applications.
Anchoring pins hold the guide securely in place on flat surfaces, narrow edges, or large tubing.
V-groove for positioning round stock, pipe, or tubing.
Use with 3/8" and 1/2" portable electric drills (not included).
Includes 3/8" chuck and chuck key.