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Horizontal-Vertical Super Spacer

Model #: MAC-SS

Horizontal-Vertical Super Spacer

Price: $895.00

Description: Horizontal/Vertical Super Spacer

Chucking capacity - 8".
Indexing accuracy - 35 sec.
Squareness (Base to Chuck) - .0008" max.
Parallelism over face - .0006" max.
Concentricity of mounting flange - .0008"
T.I.R. Concentricity of chuck - .0016" T.I.R.
Gross weight - 127 lbs.
For milling, drilling, jig boring and many common shop applications, the 8" simple index is precision made.
24-position index plate is hardened and ground.
Satin chromed graduation ring 360 Degree and adjustable vernier plate, assure accurate reading to 1'.
Six masking plates for 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 divisions are furnished.
Clamping shoes lock spindle without affecting spindle alignment.

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