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Precision Brand ABC Black Kit (45911 and 45915)

Model #: PRE-45900

Precision Brand ABC Black Kit (45911 and 45915)

Price: $201.30

Description: ABC Black Kit, 2 pcs (45911 and 45916)

  • Set of ABC Blackener and ABC Sealant.
  • One quart of each.
  • One quart of each.

Precision Brand's ABC Blackener provides a cosmetic black finish on aluminum, brass, and copper.
Apply at room temperature.
No special ventilation required.
Can be brushed on, or part can be immersed.
ABC Sealant provides a clear protective coat.
One quart of ABC Blackener covers 30 to 40 square feet, depending on application technique.
NOTE: ABC Blackener products ship by GROUND ONLY !

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