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#10-5/8" Tapmatic Tapping Head

Model #: TMT-70X

#10-5/8" Tapmatic Tapping Head

Price: $730.00

  • Capacity: #10-5/8"
  • Rec. Max. Speed: 1200 RPM
  • Jacobs Taper Mount: #3
  • Collets Used: J441, J440

For Drill Presses, Drill Units, Manually Operated Machines with Rotating Spindles. Self-Feed - Assures perfect quality threads. Pre-Selective Torque Control - Eliminates tap breakage. Pre-sets rotational force required to drive any tap in any material. Cushioned Drive - Eliminates cross-threading. No chatter in neutral. 1.75 x 1 Reverse Ratio - Increases production on manually operated machines. Radial Float - Compensates for misalignment up to .005". Safety Cushion - Prevents tap breakage and spindle damage when hole is not drilled prior to tapping. Depth Control - Adjustable self-feed for precise thread depth. Compact - World's smallest units for their capacities. Cushioned Reverse - Smooth transition from forward to reverse.