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Bandsaw Blades

Victor Machinery stocks 100 foot coils of Carbon Flexback Bandsaw Blades and welded Bi-Metal Portable Bandsaw Blades for same day shipping.
The links on this page will display products available for online purchase.

We feature top USA band saw blades made by M.K. Morse, as well as offering a great closeout on Overstocked European and USA Bandsaw.

To order cut-to-length blades, please fill out the secure bandsaw order form.
The order form page has pricing tables for both Carbon Flexback and Bi-Metal Matrix II cut-to-length blades.
Cut-to-length and Welded Bandsaw Blades are shipped direct from M K Morse Company's factory in Canton, OH.
Cut-to-Length blades are generally shipped in 1-2 days, UPS Ground, F.O.B. Canton.

There are several types of bandsaw blades for sale:

Carbon Flex back bandsaw blades are general purpose blades - used on wood, plastic, and free machining metals.

Bi-Metal Matrix II bandsaw blades have greater heat resistance, and good toughness and shock resistance.
They are recommended for general purpose metal cutting and are ideal for cutting metals of easy to moderate machinability.
Bi-Metal bandsaw blades are available with variable pitch teeth for quieter cutting with less vibration.

We can also provide:
Morse carbon "furniture blades" for production woodcutting on large machines,
Morse Quiksilver blades for resawing and wood mill applications,
Morse Bi-Metal M42 Cobalt blades for production metal cutting where feed and speed is carefully controlled,
Morse Independence, Acheiver, and Challenger blades for high production cutting,
Morse M-Factor carbide tipped blades for aluminum and abrasive materials,
and Morse Carbide Grit bandsaw blades.
Please call us for these blades.

For advice on bandsaw material, number and style of teeth, or the correct blade for your application, please call M.K. Morse's technical advice line at 1-888-4-BANDMAN.