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High Speed End Mills

Victor Machinery carries an extensive line of tooling for your milling machine.
The links on this page will display our end mills available for online purchase.

We offer high speed steel single end mills and double end mills in both 2 and 4 flutes.
All our 2 flute end mills are center cutting, and we also offer 4 flute center cutting end mills.
We also have cobalt end mills for cutting materials such as stainless steel that generate more heat.
For abrasive materials we have a full range of solid carbide end mills.

We have high helix end mills for cutting stringy materials such as aluminum.
Other specialty end mills include ball end mills, miniature end mills, long end mills, and metric end mills.
Besides finishers we offer roughing end mills in cobalt and M2Al steels.
Shaped end mills include dovetail end mills, face angle end mills, and corner rounding end mills.