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Hex Keys

Victor Machinery carries a complete line of Hex Keys for Allen style socket screws.
The links on this page will display our range of hex keys available for online purchase.

We have standard inch size hex end keys in short or long arm and Metric Hex Keys.
These L-shaped keys are sold both by the single piece or by the box for a lower price.
Bulk quantities are available by quotation.

We offer Bondhus Balldriver hex keys, which allow entry at up to a 25 degree angle in several styles :
Bondhus L-Key, Bondhus Screwdriver Style, Bondhus Ball End T-Handle Keys, as well as Stub Length and Pro Hold Style, for maximum torque.
Bondhus keys are reknowned for their custom alloy Protanium steel which offers a superior combination of hardness and ductility.
This yeilds strength, torque, and safety.
The color coded cases on Bondhus sets and fold-ups make it easy to pick the right key from your toolbox.

We carry fold-ups in Bondhus Gorilla Grip and Metal body styles, as well as Plain Hex End T-handle Hex Keys.

The listing for Short Arm Hex Keys contains a handy table for determining what size key is used by a particular size and type of socket screw.