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Jobber Length Drill Bits - High Speed Steel

Victor Machinery supplies a complete range of jobber length ('standard' length) drill bits.
The links on this page will display our drill bits available for online purchase.
We stock both USA made drill bits and production quality High Speed Steel import jobber drill bits .

Metric drill bits are available in increments of .1 millimeter.
High speed steel drill bits are also stocked in 135 degree heavy duty split point style, to minimize walking.
For cutting stainless steels and other heat generating materials we recommend cobalt steel drill bits.
For cutting highly abrasive materials such as cast iron we supply solid carbide jobber drills.
Several other types of carbide drill bits have the correct geometry for drilling hardened steel.
Fast spiral drill bits minimize flute clogging in soft materials such as aluminum.
Slow spiral drills are recommended for drilling brass and copper.

In addition to jobber length drills, we carry screw machine drills (shorter length), taper length (longer than jobber), and extra long length drills .
We carry taper shank drill bits and reduced shank drills .

Jobber drills are available in sets of drills as well as in tap and drill sets .
Please use our alphabetical index to see other drill bits, as well as drill chucks and our complete line of metalworking tools.