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Taps and Dies for Threading Metal

Victor Machinery carries a complete line of threading tools, in stock for immediate shipment:

To see our complete line of thread taps and dies available for online purchase please click on the links on this page,
or view our listing of types of taps and types of dies.

We have both standard and hard-to-find taps and dies for sale:

For common National Coarse and National Fine sizes we offer hand taps, spiral point taps, spiral flute taps,and oversize taps, as well as round adjustable dies, and hex rethreading dies. Hand taps have more flutes and are preferred in blind holes as they pull the chips up out of the hole. Spiral point taps (also called Gun Taps) push the chips forward and are used mainly in through holes.

For making metric right hand threads we supply metric taps and metric dies.

You can buy individual sizes or tap and die sets.

To make left hand threads, choose inch size left hand taps and dies or metric left hand taps and dies.

To make pipe threads use pipe taps and dies. Options include taper pipe (NPT), straight pipe (NPS - often used in light fixtures), interrupted thread NPT, and left hand NPT.

We stock 1000's of special thread taps, special thread dies, and acme taps.
In addition to the many sizes we list, custom taps to your specifications can often be shipped in as little as 24 hours.

We also provide tap handles and die stocks. Straight handles will provide the most leverage, while T-Handle models will work in more confined spaces.
Several types of tap guides will aid in producing straight, accurate threads.
To facilitate smooth cutting and longer tool life, we offer several tapping fluids.

To determine the proper size hole to drill before tapping, consult our tap and drill chart.

If you are repairing an existing thread, you can choose between hex rethreading dies, thread repair tools, and helical thread inserts.