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Electronic Indicators and Gages

Fowler Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicator

Fowler Indi-X-Blue Electronic Indicators and Indicator/Base Set.

The new Indi-X-Blue indicators feature:
Inch/metric conversion.
Resolution of display: .0005"/ .01mm
Floating zero, auto-off.
Lug back.
Carbide contact tip.

Set FOW-54-585-100 includes the FOW-54-520-250 Indi-X-Blue indicator, an 85 pound pull chrome flexible magnetic base, a magnetic back for the indicator, and a fitted case.
Quantity Price Model Description Travel Reads

$61.80 FOW-54-520-250
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1"/25mm 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm

$64.10 FOW-54-520-260
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1"/25mm/64ths 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm/64ths

$53.65 FOW-54-520-255
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator - 1/2"/12.55mm 1/2"/12.55mm .0005"/.01mm

$128.40 FOW-54-585-100
Fowler Indi-X-Blue Indicator Set with Base 1"/25mm .0005"/.01mm

Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator

Reads .0005"/ .01mm
Accuracy .0008"/ .02mm
Range 0- 1/2"

On/off switch. SPC output.
Large, 8.5mm, LCD display.
"Absolute" scale. Zero remains set for life of battery - about 20,000 hours!

With lug back (also available with flat back at same price - please call).
Quantity Price Model Description

$168.10 MIT-543-683
Mitutoyo Digimatic Indicator

Fowler Extender-E Electronic Bore Gage Set

Fowler Extender-E Electronic Bore Gage Set.
This set is similar to the popular X-tender Dial Bore Gage set, but includes an electronic indicator for increased versatility.

Indicator features:
Inch/Metric readings.
Resolution: .00005"/.001"
Bar graph and numerical display.
Preset with recall function.
ABS/Inc. measurements, with Min/Max/TIR

Bore Gage features:
Range: 1.4" - 6" / 35mm - 150mm.
Carbide Anvils.
Quantity Price Model Description

$281.60 FOW-54-646-401
Extender-E 1.4-6" Bore Gage Set

Fowler External Electronic Caliper Gage

Robust Housing
Large LCD Display.
Reading: .01"/.1mm/1/64ths
Accuracy: .01"/.3mm/1/64ths
Battery: CR2032
These calipers are spring loaded with a locking nut.
Quantity Price Model Description Type Range

$36.50 FOW-54-554-630
0-6" Fowler Outside Electronic Caliper Gage Outside 0-6"/150mm

Fowler Internal Electronic Caliper Gage

Robust Housing
Large LCD Display.
Reading: .01"/.1mm/1/64ths
Accuracy: .01"/.3mm/1/64ths
Battery: CR2032
Spring loaded with locking nut
Quantity Price Model Description Type Range

$36.50 FOW-54-554-730
0-6" Fowler Inside Electronic Caliper Gage Inside .5-6"/150mm

Mitutoyo Electronic Thickness Gage

These Pocket Electronic Thickness Gauges set a new standard for compactness and convenience.
Perfect for quick measurements of paper, plastic, sheet steel, etc.
Only 3/4" thick by 1 3/4" by 3 3/4" long.
Capacity - .47"/ 12mm.
Reads both .0005" and .01mm. Accurate to +/- .001"/ .02mm.
Made in Japan by Mitutoyo. Battery lasts appx. 2 years.
Quantity Price Model Description

$106.20 MIT-700-118
Mitutoyo Electronic Thickness Gage (limited quantity)