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Loctite and Screwloose

Loctite Thread Locking Compounds

Loctite anaerobic thread locking compound.
Loctite 242 blue is removeable.
Loctite 262 red is permanent, for greater strength locking and sealing.
Sold in 10 ml bottles.

These products are NOT available for export.
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$17.60 LOCK-242
Loctite 242 blue threadlocker, 10 ml bottle

$17.60 LOCK-262
Loctite 262 red threadlocker, 10 ml bottle

Screwloose Super Penetrant

Facilitates fast and easy disassembly of mechanical components, fittings, assemblies, and other fasteners.
Clear formula contains no dyes and leaves no mess.
Convenient 360 degree spray valve can be sprayed from any position
11oz Aerosol Can.
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