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Micrometer Accessories

Low Profile Micrometer Stand

Adjustable micrometer stands for inspection stations.
Model MIC-05 is a lower profile stand.
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$14.90 MIC-05
Micrometer Stand - Low Profile

Fowler Micrometer Stand

Fowler folding micrometer stand.
Quantity Price Model Description

$27.90 FOW-52-247-005
Fowler Folding Micrometer Stand

Heavy Duty Micrometer Stand

Heavy Duty Micrometer Stand.
Quantity Price Model Description

$26.50 MIC-10
Micrometer Stand - Premium Import

Micrometer Ball Attachment

Two .200" balls included.
For use on micrometer's spindle or anvil.
Hardened alloy steel.
For micrometer anvils .235 - .270".
Quantity Price Model Description

$3.90 AA-9300
Micrometer Ball Attachment, AMPG

Micrometer Standards

For setting origin point on micrometers. 1" standard is used to set a 1-2" micrometer, etc.

Call or email for sizes over 11"- many are in stock.
Quantity Price Model Description Size

$3.25 MS-1
1" Micrometer Standard 1"

$4.00 MS-2
2" Micrometer Standard 2"

$5.00 MS-3
3" Micrometer Standard 3"
Out of stock
$11.50 MS-4
4" Micrometer Standard 4"

$12.50 MS-5
5" Micrometer Standard 5"

$14.25 MS-6
6" Micrometer Standard 6"

$15.50 MS-7
7" Micrometer Standard 7"

$16.50 MS-8
8" Micrometer Standard 8"

$17.50 MS-9
9" Micrometer Standard 9"

$19.00 MS-10
10" Micrometer Standard 10"

$26.00 MS-11
11" Micrometer Standard 11"

$8.00 MS-25MM
25mm Micrometer Standard 25mm

$9.50 MS-50MM
50mm Micrometer Standard 50mm

$10.50 MS-75MM
75mm Micrometer Standard 75mm

Thread Triangles

For all 60° threads.
Place onto micrometer, measure, and use chart (included) to read class of fit.
This item includes a pair of triangles (covering both faces of a micrometer).

Made by Accurate Manufactured Products Group.
Quantity Price Model Description

$39.75 AA-9035
Thread Triangles, one pair, AMPG, 1289-0205