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Misc. Small Gages

Center Gages

For checking angles on centers and tools.
Model CG-1 is a plain steel model, useful primarily for the 60° angles.
Models CG-2 and CG-3 are graduated in 14ths and 20ths on one side, 24ths and 32nds on reverse- and also have tables for double depth of American National Thread.
Model CG-3 is a 55° model for Whitworth threads.
Quantity Price Model Description

$2.75 GA-CG1
Plain Steel 60 deg Center Gage, 1289-0500

$10.50 GA-CG2
Chrome, Stainless 60 deg Center Gage - PEC, 1289-0026
Out of stock
$4.50 GA-CG3
Stainless Steel 55 deg Center Gage

Taper Leaf Thickness Gages

Precision tempered steel. Blades marked with size numbers.
Knurled locking nut. Leaves taper from 1/2" to a 5/16" rounded end.

Model GA-TG2 is made in the USA.
Quantity Price Model Description Type Blades Range Length

$8.50 GA-TG1
Inch Taper Leaf Thickness Gage, 1289-0110 Inch 26 .0015", .0025", .002"-.025"x.01" 4"
Out of stock
$9.90 GA-TG2
Inch Taper Leaf Thickness Gage - USA Inch 25 0025", .002"-.025"x.01" 3-1/4"
Out of stock
$9.00 GA-TGM1
Metric Taper Leaf Thickness Gage Metric 20 .05mm-1.0mm x .05mm 4"

Drill Gages

Drill Gages.
Handy tools for quick diameter measurement of drill bits and other round parts.
"PEC Tools" models are their "Hardware" versions.
Quantity Price Model Description Range Holes

$4.60 DG-1
1/16"-1/2" Drill Gage, 1289-6010 1/16"-1/2" 29

$5.30 DG-2
#1-60 Drill Gage, 1289-6005 1-60 60

$5.30 DG-3
A-Z Drill Gage, 1289-6000 A-Z 26

$16.50 DG-11
1/16"-1/2" Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools 1/16"-1/2" 29

$17.20 DG-21
#1-60 Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools 1-60 60
Out of stock
$18.05 DG-41
#61-80 Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools 61-80 20

$16.50 DG-31
A-Z Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools A-Z 26

$17.20 DG-61
1-5.9mm by .1 Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools 1-5.9mm 57

$17.20 DG-51
1.5-12.5mm by .5 Drill Gage, USA by PEC Tools 1.5-12.5mm 23

Drill Point Gage

Drill point gages are used to maintain accurate 59° drill point angle.
Functions as outside caliper, precise from 0 to 5" with locking slide.
Hook is removable for instant conversion to 6" stainless steel satin chrome rule.
Quantity Price Model Description Reads

$39.85 PEC-5070
Drill Point Gage - Inch 32nds, 64ths, 8ths, 16ths

$39.85 PEC-5071
Drill Point Gage - Metric 32nds, 64ths, 1mm, .5mm

Wire And Sheet Metal Gages

Heavy gage hardened and tempered tool steel.
3 1/4" diameter; 1/8" thick.
Front face shows the gage sizes. The back shows decimal equivalents adjacent to each slot.

Model GEN-20 - for gaging non-ferrous wire and metal such as copper, brass, aluminum, etc.
Model GEN-20 is also popular in jewelry manufacturing,
Model GEN-21 - for gaging uncoated sheet, plate iron and steel.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$24.50 GEN-20
American Standard Wire Gage, 1289-0005
Out of stock
$23.65 GEN-21
US Standard Sheet Metal Gage, 1289-0010

Reference Table

Made of steel. Includes decimal equivalents, tap-drill sizes, and a 6" rule.
Made by General Tools.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$7.10 GEN-715
General Reference Table and Rule, 6800-1160

Acme Thread Gages

For grinding and setting tools when cutting Acme threads whose sides have an inclination of 14 1/2°. Angles and edges are precision-ground.
Quantity Price Model Description

$11.90 GA-5640
Acme Thread Gage WT:1289-320

General Contour Gage

Made by General Tools.
Ideal for woodworking, sculpture, linoleum installation, or any task where contour duplication is essential.
Inch graduation on body. Stainless steel pins.
Component parts are enamel painted and brass plated.
Size is 6" by 3-1/2", with an overall travel of 5-1/4".
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$9.00 GEN-837
General Contour Gage, 6800-0225