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General Pipe and Tube Cutter

General's Pipe and Tube Cutters.
Cuts copper pipe up to 2-5/8".
Cuts iron pipe up to 1-1/4".
Hardened flare-groove rollers.
Left and right reamer.
Quick feed carriage adjustment.
Replaceable heat-treated alloy steel cutting wheel.
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Tubing Cutters by General Tools

Tubing Cutters by General Tools.
Cuts brass, copper, and aluminum thin-wall tubing in the range listed. Max cutting diameters for harder materials will be smaller.
Heat-treated alloy steel cutting wheels.
Quantity Price Model Description Cuts Non-Ferrous Tubes

$9.50 GEN-123R
General Tubing Cutter, Micro, 6800-0500 1/8" - 5/8"

$12.00 GEN-129X
General Tubing Cutter, Mini, 6800-0505 1/8" - 7/8"

$24.00 GEN-125
General Tubing Cutter, Heavy Duty, 6800-0530 1/4" - 1-5/8"

$29.90 GEN-126
General "Super Heavy-Duty" Pipe and Tube Cutter, 2200-205 1/4" - 2-5/8"

General Screwdriver Handle Tapered Reamer

Tapered reamers made by General Tools.
General's easy-to-use reamer is perfect for in-home plumbing.
Fluted plastic handle. Hardened and ground tempered steel.
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Out of stock
$12.45 GEN-131
Screwdriver Handle Tapered Reamer, 2200-0212 1/8"-3/8"