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Noga Kool Magnetic Fluid Dispenser

Noga Kool Magnetic Fluid Dispenser.
Mixes air and coolant into a fine spray.
Magnetic base (with on/off switch) can be mounted in seconds on flat or round surfaces.
Separate air and fluid control.
Stainless steel armored siphon hose can be dropped into any container on the floor or table.
Nozzle connected via Loc-Line flexible hose can be easily pointed to desired spot.
Simple, inexpensive and rugged.
Pays for itself on first day.
Quantity Price Model Description

$99.00 NOG-MC1700
Noga Kool Magnetic Fluid Dispenser, 1205-0435

Little Giant 1-Gallon Coolant Unit

Includes Little Giant coolant pump and tank.
For use on small drill presses, tool grinders, tapping machines and small lathes.
Fan cooled, thermally protected motor. 4' long, 3-conductor cord with molded plug.
The adapter from the tubing to the control valve takes the 1/2" ID tubing to 1/4" MNPT.
Includes pump, tank, tubing and nozzle.

9 1/4" high x 12" long x 6" wide; 6 lbs.

Quantity Price Model Description Volts HP Amp./Watt Gallons Per Hour At Height 1'
Out of stock
$138.00 LIT-VMC1
115V 1-Gallon Coolant Unit 115 1/50 1/73 108
Out of stock
$93.80 LIT-VMCP
Replacement Pump for LIT-VMC-1 - - - -

Little Giant 5-Gallon Tank Kit

Little Giant 5-Gallon Coolant Tank Kit.
Includes 5 gallon polyethylene tank, metal chip collector basket, baffle, 6 ft. plastic hose, flex nozzle and brass control valve.
Does NOT include pump. Little Giant coolant pumps are sold separately.
Use only pumps recommended for this unit: NK-1, NK-2, 1-YS, 3E-12N, 4E-34N. See listings below.
All adaptors and fittings included for use with recommended pumps.
For use on single-spindle drill presses, bench mills, tool grinders, single-spindle tapping machines, cut-off saws, small lathes using water soluble or light cutting oil.
H 8" x W 10-15/16" x L 16-9/16" - weight 5 lbs.
Quantity Price Model Description

$250.80 LIT-MCT5P
Little Giant 5-Gallon Tank Kit (without pump), 6613-0010

Little Giant Pumps for 5-Gallon Tank

Pumps for MCT-5P Little Giant Tank.
1-YS is a submersible parts washer pump for use with stoddard solvent and deodorized kerosene.
NK-1 and NK-2 are corrosion resistant pumps for mild acid and alkalai applications.
3E-12N and 4E-34N have cast aluminum housing with epoxy coating, and can also be used in 10-gallon tanks.
Quantity Price Model Description Volts HP Amp./Watt Gallons Per Hour Water Soluble Oil 1'

$160.00 LIT-NK1
115V Pump for MCT-5P Tank, 6613-0012 115 1/150 1.1/70 70

$210.00 LIT-NK2
115V Pump for MCT-5P Tank, 6613-0013 115 1/40 1.7/100 82

$210.00 LIT-1YS
115V Pump for MCT-5P Tank, 6613-0011 115 1/150 1.1/70 72

$293.00 LIT-3E12N
115V Pump for MCT-5P, MCT-10 Tank, 6613-0014 115 1/15 3.2/200 197

$388.00 LIT-4E34N
115V Pump for MCT-5P, MCT-10 Tank, 6613-0015 115 1/12 3.5/210 210

Pump Oilers

Pump Oilers.
Metal can comes with one rigid spout and one flexible spout.
Color may vary.
Quantity Price Model Description Capacity

$13.25 MAY-OC5224
1 pint Pump Oiler 1 pint