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Star and Square Keys

Bondhus Star Keys For TORX (r) Screws

Bondhus Star keys.
Individual L-shape drivers for star-head or TORX(r) screws.

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Size

$3.62 BON-ST6
Bondhus Star Key, T6 T6

$3.24 BON-ST7
Bondhus Star Key, T7 T7

$3.24 BON-ST8
Bondhus Star Key, T8 T8

$3.24 BON-ST9
Bondhus Star Key, T9 T9

$1.85 BON-ST10
Bondhus Star Key, T10 T10

$1.87 BON-ST15
Bondhus Star Key, T15 T15

$1.95 BON-ST20
Bondhus Star Key, T20 T20

$2.07 BON-ST25
Bondhus Star Key, T25 T25

$2.12 BON-ST27
Bondhus Star Key, T27 T27

$2.38 BON-ST30
Bondhus Star Key, T30 T30

$2.56 BON-ST40
Bondhus Star Key, T40 T40

$3.49 BON-ST45
Bondhus Star Key, T45 T45

$4.37 BON-ST50
Bondhus Star Key, T50 T50

Bondhus Star Key Sets, for TORX(r) Screws

Bondhus Star key sets.
L-Wrench sets in plastic holder, for driving star or TORX(r) screws.

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Key Sizes:
Out of stock
$18.40 BON-31832
Bondhus Star Key Set, T6-25 (TLX8S) T6-T25

$15.75 BON-31834
Bondhus Star Key Set, T9-40 (TLX8) T9-T40

Bondhus Gorilla Grip Fold-Up Hex Key Sets

Bondhus Fold-up hex key sets.
Resin handle is "stronger than steel."
Ergonomic design. Lightweight.
Color coded - Yellow handle for inch, Red handle for metric, Green for star, Orange for combo set.

Please note: All models have standard hex end keys, except for models BON-12894 and BON-12897, which have ball-end keys.
Model BON-12540 is a handy bicycle tool, with 4mm, 5mm, 6mm hex, #1 Phillips, and 3/16" slotted blades.

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Includes Sizes

$10.15 BON-12550
Bondhus Foldup Combo Hex Key Set - 5/64-5/32, 1.5-5mm (HF12) 6 Inch keys, 6 Metric Keys 5/64-5/32, 1.5-5mm

$5.70 BON-12591
Bondhus Foldup Hex Key Set - 050-3/16 (HF9S) 9 Inch keys .050-3/16"

$7.40 BON-12589
Bondhus Foldup Hex Key Set - 5/64-1/4 (HF9) 9 Inch keys 5/64-1/4"

$10.40 BON-12585
Bondhus Foldup Hex Key Set - 3/16-3/8 (HF5) 5 Inch keys 3/16-3/8"

$5.95 BON-12592
Bondhus Foldup Hex Key Set - 1.5-6mm (HF7MS) 7 Metric keys 1.5-6mm

$7.90 BON-12587
Bondhus Foldup Hex Key Set - 2-8mm (HF7M) 7 Metric keys 2-8mm

$14.50 BON-12894
Bondhus Foldup Hex Set - 3/16-3/8 Ball (BF5) 5 Inch Ball End 3/16-3/8"

$14.50 BON-12897
Bondhus Foldup Hex Set - 5-10mm Ball (BF5M) 5 Metric Ball End 5-10mm

$14.25 BON-12632
Bondhus Foldup Ballstar Key Set - T6-T25 (TF8S) 8 Star Recessed T6-T25

$14.60 BON-12634
Bondhus Foldup Ballstar Key Set - T9-T40 (TF8) 8 Star Recessed T9-T40

$7.60 BON-12540
Bondhus Bicycle Tool Fold Up Set (HFU5) Bicycle Tool 4,5,6mm,Ph #1, 3/16 Slot

Bondhus Balldriver L-Wrench Sets

Bondhus Balldriver hex key sets.
The ball end on the long arm provides the convenience and speed of off-axis rotation (up to 25 degrees.)
These Bondhus Balldriver hex key sets come in color-coded holders: yellow for inch sizes, red for metric, and green for ballstar style.
LTX-8 set is ballstar style, for TORX(r) style screws.

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Pieces Range

$31.25 BON-20199
Balldriver Combo set: BLX-13, BLX-9M (BLX22) BLX-13 plus BLX-9mm .050-3/8"& 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm

$18.35 BON-BLX-13
Set of 13 Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, .050-3/8" (10937) Set of 13 .050-3/8

$14.30 BON-BLX-12
Set of 12 Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, .050-5/16" (10936) Set of 12 .050-5/16

$11.45 BON-BLX-10
Set of 10 Balldriver L-Wrenches, 1/16-1/4" (10938) Set of 10 1/16-1/4

$7.80 BON-BLX-7
Set of 7 Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, 5/64-3/16" (10945) Set of 7 5/64-3/16

$25.15 BON-BLX-15M
Set of 15 Metric Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, 1.27-10mm (10995) Set of 15 1.27-10mm

$14.90 BON-BLX-9M
Set of 9 Metric Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, 1.5-10mm (10999) Set of 9 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm

$6.80 BON-BLX-6M
Set of 6 Metric Balldriver Hex L-Wrenches, 1.5-5mm (10946) Set of 6 1.5-5mm

$46.50 BON-LTX-8
Set of 8 BallStar L-Wrenches, T9-T40 (11332) Set of 8 T9-T40

Felo Ergonomic Star Key Set

Felo ERGONIC screwdrivers adapt to the shape of your hand!

Set of 3 Star tip screwdrivers for Torx® screws.
Includes T10, T15, and T20.

Handle features an impact proof core.
Anti-roll handle design.
Maximum torque, far exceeding ISO requirements.
Heavy, metal hex collar on shank for driving with a wrench.
Hanging hole in handle for easy storage.
15 year guarantee.
Precision made in Germany.
Quantity Price Model Description

$21.50 FEL-53171
Felo 3 Piece Star Driver Set

Bondhus Square Drive Balldrivers

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.
Original Bondhus balldrivers for square drive screws.
With screwdriver style handles.
Handle style may vary from photo.

Made in the USA by Bondhus.
Quantity Price Model Description Size Length
Out of stock
$21.45 BON-11640
Square Drive Balldriver Set- 4 pc, #0 - #3 (BRX4) Set of #0-#3 .
Out of stock
$5.25 BON-11600
#0 Square Drive Balldriver (SQ0) 0 3.5"
Out of stock
$5.95 BON-11601
#1 Square Drive Balldriver (SQ1) 1 3.8"
Out of stock
$5.40 BON-11602
#2 Square Drive Balldriver (SQ2) 2 4.0"
Out of stock
$7.15 BON-11603
#3 Square Drive Balldriver (SQ3) 3 4.3"
Out of stock
$7.95 BON-11604
#4 Square Drive Balldriver (SQ4) 4 4.5"