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Thread Measuring

Thread Pitch Gages

Thread pitch gages. Folding leaf blade style.
Gages GA-PGM, GA-PGES, and GA-PGEL are standard 60 degree thread-form gages.
GA-PGW measure Whitworth 55 degree threads.
GA-PGA measures the following Acme Screw threads: 1, 1-1/3, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 3-1/2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12.

Quantity Price Model Description Range # of Blades

$6.95 GA-PGES
Thread Pitch Gage, 60 deg Standard 4-42 TPI, 1289-0100 4-42 TPI 31

$11.95 GA-PGEL
Thread Pitch Gage, 60 deg Standard 4-84 TPI, 1289-0315 4-84 TPI 52

$4.10 GA-PGM
Thread Pitch Gage, 60 deg Metric 0.4-6mm, 1289-0040 .40 - 6 mm 20
Out of stock
$8.95 GA-PGW
Thread Pitch Gage, 55 degree Whitworth, 0600-0101 4-48 TPI 22

$22.50 GA-PGA
Thread Pitch Gage, Acme Thread, 1289-0145 1-12 16

Screw Pitch Gages

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.
These screw thread measuring gauges are perfect for quick measurement of both standard and special screw pitches.
Top quality screw pitch gauges are made in Germany.

Model 44D is triangle shaped (3 axis), premium USA model made by PEC Tools.
Quantity Price Model Description Measures from To # of Blades
Out of stock
$10.90 GA-44A
Inch Screw Pitch Gage 4 TPI 84 TPI 52
Out of stock
$6.75 GA-44B
Metric Screw Pitch Gage .25 Pitch 3.0 Pitch 24
Out of stock
$5.75 GA-44C
55 degree Whitworth Screw Pitch Gage 4 TPI 62 TPI 28
Out of stock
$42.00 GA-44D
USA Screw Pitch Gage, Triangle Shape 4 TPI 84 TPI 51

Thread Measuring Wire Set

Measure all threads from 3 to 48 threads per inch. 48 wires - 16 different sizes. Furnished with plastic case and chart for proper size and measurements over wires.
Quantity Price Model Description

$15.90 GA-TW16
Thread Measuring Wire Set, 1289-0135

Thread Triangles

For all 60° threads.
Place onto micrometer, measure, and use chart (included) to read class of fit.
This item includes a pair of triangles (covering both faces of a micrometer).

Made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description

$35.75 AA-9035
Thread Triangles, one pair, 1289-0205

Acme Thread Gages

For grinding and setting tools when cutting Acme threads whose sides have an inclination of 14 1/2°. Angles and edges are precision-ground.
Quantity Price Model Description

$11.90 GA-5640
Acme Thread Gage WT:1289-320

Screw Checkers

Ingenious gage quickly tells you size, pitch or thread count, tap drill sizes, clearance drill sizes, tap series, length and basic diameter of American, Unified and Metric machine screws.
Instructions included. Even straightens bent screws. A must for every shop.

Made in the USA of heavy gage satin finish steel.
Quantity Price Model Description Type Range of Sizes

$13.75 CHE-1
#1 thru 5/16" Screw Checker WT:6800-1195 Inch #1 thru 5/16

$14.75 CHE-2
2mm to 7mm Screw Checker Metric 2mm to 7mm

$16.10 CHE-3
8mm to 14mm Screw Checker Metric 8mm to 14mm

VIS Screw Thread Micrometers

We have temporarily removed these items from our catalog while we re-organize our inventory.
0-25mm reads 0.4 to 3.0 pitch.
5 V-anvil pairs included.

Deluxe heat insulated handle.
Chrome finished forged steel frame, tapered for use in hard to get at places.
Ratchet for uniform readings. Positive locking clamp.
Micro-fine graduations on satin chrome finish.
Anvil and spindle made of special high grade steel, hardened and precision ground.
These thread measuring micrometers come in a fitted case. Limited Quantity
Quantity Price Model Description Range Graduation
Out of stock
$218.00 VIS-21910
0-25mm VIS Screw Thread Micrometer (limited quantity) 0-25mm .01mm