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Tool Wrap and Hardening Aids

Stainless Steel Tool Wrap

Stainless Steel Tool Wrap is used to protect the surface of air hardening tool steels from scale and oxide buildup during heat treating in atmospheric furnaces.
You realize the benefits of vacuum furnace at a fraction of the cost.
Tool Wrap is made of Type 321, high-titanium stainless steel.
It is soft annealed and can be cut, folded and crease-sealed with ease.
Sold in 50 foot long x .002" thick rolls.
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$172.50 TW-1250
Type 321 Tool Wrap - 12" x 50 Foot Roll
Out of stock
$255.00 TW-2450
Type 321 Tool Wrap - 24" x 50 Foot Roll

Cherry Red Hardening Compound

Non-flammable powder used to easily surface harden steels.
Works with mild steel as well as tool steel.
Great for dies, jigs, and fixtures.
Used with heat, but no special equipment is needed.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$29.50 CRED-1
1 Lb. Cherry Red Hardening Compound
Out of stock
$88.90 CRED-5
5 Lbs. Cherry Red Hardening Compound