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Vise Accessories

Aluminum Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps

Made of aluminum. Sold in sets of 2 jaws.
Protects work piece from scratching and nicking.
Has vee groove for round work pieces.
Quantity Price Model Description Width
Out of stock
$9.75 VS-JAW4
4" Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps (pair) 4"
Out of stock
$12.50 VS-JAW6
6" Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps (pair) 6"

Speed Handles for Vises

Milling machine vise handles.
Save time! Opens a vise in seconds.
Model ACC-SH-34 is a quality import to fit many 6" vises.
All other models are made by Accurate Manufactured Products Group. .
Quantity Price Model Description Hole

$36.70 AA-9022
9/16" Hex Speed Handle, AMPG 9/16 hex

$45.70 AA-9024
5/8" Hex Speed Handle, AMPG 5/8 hex

$14.50 ACC-SH34
3/4" Hex Speed Handle, 2112-0145 3/4 hex

$52.80 AA-9021
3/4" Hex Speed Handle, AMPG 3/4 hex

$45.70 AA-9023
5/8" Square Speed Handle, AMPG 5/8 square

Vise Stop

These milling machine vise stops are for 5" and 6" milling vises.
Bolts to vise and allows accurate positioning of repetitive work.
Quantity Price Model Description
Out of stock
$15.50 ACC-VS195
Vise Stop, 3005-0120

Work Stop

Milling machine work stops are quick and easy to use.
Attaches to any vise jaw (1/2" through 1" wide) with one screw adjustment.
Made from hardened steel, black oxide finish.
Stop is 1" wide x 1 7/16" long.
Quantity Price Model Description

$5.50 ACC-WS11
Work Stop, Quality Import, 3005-0125

$17.30 AA-9030
Work Stop, AMPG