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Vise Accessories

Aluminum Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps

Made of aluminum. Sold in sets of 2 jaws.
Protects work piece from scratching and nicking.
Has vee groove for round work pieces.
Quantity Price Model Description Width

$9.75 VS-JAW4
4" Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps (pair) 4"

$12.50 VS-JAW6
6" Magnetic Vise Jaw Caps (pair) 6"

Speed Handles for Vises

Milling machine vise handles.
Save time! Opens a vise in seconds.
Model ACC-SH-34 is a quality import to fit many 6" vises.
All other models are made by Accurate Manufacturing.
Quantity Price Model Description Hole

$29.60 AA-9022
9/16" Hex Speed Handle 9/16 hex

$45.70 AA-9024
5/8" Hex Speed Handle 5/8 hex

$14.50 ACC-SH34
3/4" Hex Speed Handle 3/4 hex

$29.60 AA-9021
3/4" Hex Speed Handle 3/4 hex

$45.70 AA-9023
5/8" Square Speed Handle 5/8 square

Vise Stop

These milling machine vise stops are for 5" and 6" milling vises.
Bolts to vise and allows accurate positioning of repetitive work.
Quantity Price Model Description

$15.50 ACC-VS195
Vise Stop

Work Stop

Milling machine work stops are quick and easy to use.
Attaches to any vise jaw (1/2" through 1" wide) with one screw adjustment.
Made from hardened steel, black oxide finish.
Stop is 1" wide x 1 7/16" long.
Quantity Price Model Description

$5.50 ACC-WS11
Work Stop, Quality Import

$15.30 AA-9030
Work Stop - Accurate Manufacturing